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Home Instead Senior Care UK

CARE-GIVERS SEE conversation and companionship as the priority at Home Instead Senior Care UK. The Warrington-based care specialist matches elderly clients with carers who share the same interests and hobbies, to help foster strong relationships between them.

Similar thoughtfulness is extended to the employees themselves. Birthdays and work anniversaries are marked with cards, cake and wine from Home Instead, which is a franchise of an American parent company. The lunch-room is equipped with a cooker, microwave, panini-maker and potato oven to encourage everybody to take a proper lunch break.

Everyone can flex their start and finish times and corporate gym membership is open to all. Paternity pay is enhanced beyond the government minimum and all parents can go to their children’s assemblies, school plays and sports days without taking time out of their holiday allowance.

Staff say deadlines are realistic (82% positive) and they do not think they spend too much time working (76%, ranking eighth among small companies on this list).

About half of Home Instead’s 111 employees are over 45; 90 of them are women; and most have cared for relatives or friends before turning to care as a profession. They offer non-medical, companionship-led help in visits that are typically one hour or longer.

Staff believe the firm makes a difference (91%), and say working for it is anything but boring (86%).

Mission / Vision

Mission: To become the UK’s most admired care company by changing the face of ageing. Vision: By 2017 to be one of the top 3 private pay care providers everywhere we operate.

Best Workplace Factors


There is a real family feel throughout the organisation and this is driven by the company owners, Sam and Trevor Brocklebank and the senior management team. On Monday and Friday lunch is provided for all employees and they take time to sit and eat together, this encourages interaction between colleagues in different departments who may not often work together and creates a family feel which is an important part of their culture. It is important to the company that all members of the team share their values and are committed to their mission to change the face of ageing in the UK. Therefore prior to being appointed all candidates are met by the senior management team to ensure they are a good fit.


Home Instead Senior Care UK have an open culture and a real family feel, and as a close team they are quick to pick up any changes in a team members behaviour that may indicate stress or personal problems. They have a number of practices in place to ease workplace stress; their daily huddle is an opportunity for all team members not only to hear what is happening in other departments, but also to spend time over a coffee with colleagues. In this way the team support each other as there is always a listening ear available. Employees are all also encouraged to take a proper lunch break; they have a lunch room which is fully equipped with a cooker, microwave, Panini maker, and even a jacket potato oven. So there is opportunity to take a pause in the middle of the day and socialise over lunch with colleagues. A number of the team travel out of the office for two to three days each week visiting franchise offices and it is important that they feel connected to their colleagues who are more office based. Employees are encouraged to be in the office on Monday and Friday and the company provides lunch so that they can all eat together. All employees can also take advantage of their corporate gym membership. They company are currently all involved in a “Biggest Loser” challenge, initiated by a team member, to help them all trim down a few pounds! Company CEO Trevor Brocklebank and the senior management team do live their company values and so are very approachable and available to the team, to listen and offer support as required. Any issues or concerns can be discussed openly and solutions sought that support the individual.

My Company

The company mission and values are central to everything they do. Every team member understands the mission and their role in it. The mission statement is painted on the walls in reception and on the first floor of the office building so everyone is reminded of it each morning as they enter. During the interview process they talk extensively about their mission and values. The process, including a psychometric profile, is designed to source people who have a strong fit with their values. The company believe that having the right mind set and values is essential. They have produced a video which communicates their values and each new team member meets with Trevor (CEO) so he can talk to them about why he founded the company and why the mission and values are so important to what the company do. The values shape the way that they behave as a team, with each other and external stakeholders.


What our clients say

Liz Pillans

Kenwood and Delonghi

Opening Quotemarks

The partnership that we've had with Best Companies has had a massive impact on the culture of the organisation and I think we have really safeguarded our future. We can also see that there are lots of other areas we could improve in and I think with the help of Best Companies supporting us with the feedback that we get, it's really going to reinforce what we're doing and help us in achieving the goals that we need to achieve as a business.

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Eamon Fitzgerald

Naked Wines

Opening Quotemarks

What differentiates Best Companies is the reputation and trust. It's the number one employee engagement survey

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Will Leonelli

Flight Centre

Opening Quotemarks

We believe participation in the programme helps us to attract quality staff who are looking for a long, progressive career rather than just a job, as well as attract suppliers who want to work with us and customers who want to buy from us. Our employees feel engaged and inspired by what they do and the Best Companies programme is pivotal in enabling us to celebrate our successes whilst also recognising tangible goals for the future so that we can continue to be one of the UK’s best places to work.

Closing Quotemarks

Matthew Sanders

Brookfield Rose

Opening Quotemarks

Brookfield Rose has worked with Best Companies for five consecutive years. We believe happy employees make for happy clients, and Best Companies provides both a measure and guidance, in order for us to continuously improve our service offering, and look after our people.

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