So how does it work?

And what do I have to do?

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...or survey without going for a place on the list or Accreditation, with our flexible BCI surveys

phase 1
Appoint your Project Manager
Someone from your company will be responsible for providing detailed information on your organisation and employees
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Provide employee figures
A breakdown of your part-time, full-time and freelance people
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Finalise surveys
Choose paper and/or online surveys and finalise volume
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Upload organisation structure
Your engagement data will only make sense if it's properly structured, so we need to know about the levels and groups of employees that make up your organisation
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Upload employee details
To create meaningful reports and send out the survey, we need demographic information on your employees and their contact details
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Phase One
Set up your survey
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Ready for launch
phase 2
Launch your survey
Complete a company questionnaire
Provide detailed information on your organisations's policies and practices
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Invite employees to fill in the survey - speech bubble icon
Invite employees to fill in the survey
We provide invitation email templates asking employees to participate
Boost response rates - graph icon
Boost response rates
You need to achieve a minimum response rate to enter the Best 100 list or attain Accreditation, so our reminder email templates help increase responses
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Find out your scores
Results are in
Results are in

So what happens next?

Completing the survey isn't the end of your journey - rather it's just the beginning. Armed with valuable insights from your survey data, you have a range of options to gain recognition for excellence in engagement, improve your scores and transform your organisation.

Feature wheel
Find out whether you've been awarded a prestigious star rating
Strategic Consulting
Work with us to turn your data into a roadmap for change
MC3 Portal
Enable your managers to reflect on feedback from their team in our online tool
Engagement Training
Help your people understand engagement and how to increase it
Best 100 Lists
Discover whether you've made the list
Workplace Insight Tool (WIT)
Explore benchmarks, create reports and discover best practices
MC3 Workshops
Enable your managers to learn four behaviours that impact engagement
Strategic Workshops
Increase engagement by communicating an inspiring purpose, principles and plan
Photo of Liz Pillans
“The partnership that we've had with Best Companies has had a massive impact on the culture of the organisation and I think we have really safeguarded our future.”
Liz Pillans - Kenwood and Delonghi

What our clients say

Liz Pillans

Kenwood and Delonghi

Opening Quotemarks

The partnership that we've had with Best Companies has had a massive impact on the culture of the organisation and I think we have really safeguarded our future. We can also see that there are lots of other areas we could improve in and I think with the help of Best Companies supporting us with the feedback that we get, it's really going to reinforce what we're doing and help us in achieving the goals that we need to achieve as a business.

Closing Quotemarks

Eamon Fitzgerald

Naked Wines

Opening Quotemarks

What differentiates Best Companies is the reputation and trust. It's the number one employee engagement survey

Closing Quotemarks

Will Leonelli

Flight Centre

Opening Quotemarks

We believe participation in the programme helps us to attract quality staff who are looking for a long, progressive career rather than just a job, as well as attract suppliers who want to work with us and customers who want to buy from us. Our employees feel engaged and inspired by what they do and the Best Companies programme is pivotal in enabling us to celebrate our successes whilst also recognising tangible goals for the future so that we can continue to be one of the UK’s best places to work.

Closing Quotemarks

Matthew Sanders

Brookfield Rose

Opening Quotemarks

Brookfield Rose has worked with Best Companies for five consecutive years. We believe happy employees make for happy clients, and Best Companies provides both a measure and guidance, in order for us to continuously improve our service offering, and look after our people.

Closing Quotemarks

Twitter talk

34% of all employees who took part in the 2016 survey are excited about where their organisation is going #research #bestcompanies

14 hours ago

@localcareforce sounds both intriguing and exciting - we can't wait to see what you have planned. Keep us updated #BestCompaniesDay

16 hours ago

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