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People suffering from a stressful day at Isis Telecommunications can take the weight off their feet and minds by settling into one of the firm's on-site massage chairs. The subsidiary of Vodafone, which offers a package of telecoms and internet services to client companies, provides its employees with a friendly working atmosphere.

Every new employee has an hour-long discussion with Peter Johnston, the managing director, who explains future plans and listens to initial ideas. People have a great deal of faith in him (a 93% positive score).

There are 68 permanent staff at the Newbury-based firm, staying for an average of four years. Benefits include share options, private healthcare and childcare vouchers. The company also invests £150 a head each year in a wellness programme — with the outcome that most staff do not feel under so much pressure they cannot concentrate (an 82% positive score). Isis achieved the third best result in the survey for staff reporting no job-related stress in the past year, with a total score of 89%.

People feel a strong sense of family in their teams (88%), aided by a monthly lunchtime get-together. Other social events include a staff golf day.

Isis has its own charity, the Wishing Well, which pays for a well in a remote area of Uganda, and staff can support good causes through a give as you earn scheme.

There are two bonus schemes, directors provide drinks once a week, and the firm celebrates success with seasonal parties such as a Christmas banquet in the dining hall of Oxford University's Exeter College. Not surprisingly, people are happy with their work/life balance (81%), the sixth best score for this in our survey.

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