About Anritsu

Anritsu, the Japanese multinational claims to hold ethical values at its core, and makes its staff feel honour bound. Longevity, mutuality, peace and even the Japanese sense of humour have translated into a great workplace in Britain.

The company which makes high tech equipment for testing and measurement has a long history in telecommunications. One of Anritsu's founder firms started manufacturing communications equipment in 1895. Anritsu launched its European arm in 1980, supplying technology for the telecommunications, electronics, pharmaceutical and food industries from its base in Luton.

Recent growth has been impressive with opportunities offered by the internet and third generation telephones. In July last year, the firm announced that annual European sales had increased by 90% to £163m. Business Week magazine listed it as one of the world's top 100 IT industries last year.

The company mission says Yasuo Nakagawa, Anritsu Corporation's chairman, is wholehearted and sincere dedication to ourselves, to others, to our work, to our customers and to society as a whole. This includes fairness, paying taxes, employment stability, and fair competition, maintaining peace and security in society and respecting the spirit of each country's law.

In all 92% of staff believe management is honest and ethical and would introduce redundancies only as a last report.

One worker said it was 'a people's company'. The sense of social responsibility filters through. 'We might be a small cog in a large machine' wrote one staff member, 'but without us this clock would stop. We are made to feel as though we are the mainspring'.

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