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My Manager
My Manager
Whilst Brammer do not have any formal systems or processes in place for managers to ‘formally recognise’ that what they are asking staff is realistic and achievable, the Performance and Wellbeing results in their internal opinion survey would suggest that this is intrinsic. The organisation sets realistic performance targets, involving operational managers in their formation. Within this the appraisal process enables managers to set individual objectives which are agreed by employees and revised as appropriate. Brammer is committed to celebrating success and acknowledging a ‘job well done’ whether this is through formal, documented recognition or through their culture of simply saying thank you. Brammer recognises that ensuring their employees have enough information available to them to do their job well, is essential in successfully attaining targets. The Group infrastructure and systems allow ease of working and information sharing. The Brammer Awards recognise exceptional performance in a number of categories across the business in the UK and on a Group wide basis across Europe, The organisation also seeks to reward a job well done and invites various nominated employees as ‘VIP Guests’ to their exclusive ‘UK Manufacturng Forum & Awards’ event. The prestigious thought leadership event, now in its seventh year, is attended by executive level senior management from our largest customers. This privileged opportunity recognises the outstanding contribution these individuals have made to the success of the business.

Personal Growth
Personal Growth
Brammer aligns a scheduled programme of training and development directly to its business strategy, in order that employees can better execute the demands of their customers. It is the programme as a whole that makes the difference. The programmes are defined by business function and job role, to ensure absolute relevance, so that nobody attends a training course, which isn’t related to their needs. The training is carefully designed to address business critical objectives for both Brammer and its customers, and it addresses the individual needs of the employees. As examples, Brammer has operated a number of training programmes to support the manufacturing need to reduce costs and increase productivity, and has done this in close collaboration with its supply partners. A recent example of this has been a structured programme to help UK manufacturers reduce their energy costs, and working in partnership with Siemens, Brammer employees have acquired the right knowledge and education to drive customer energy cost savings. The programme has already added real benefits, and is receiving acclaim from customers and industry sources. On a more individual basis, Brammer has an ongoing programme of management development training, which suits the individual needs of those wanting to progress their careers within the organisation. Packaged together, the Brammer employee training programme demonstrates absolute commitment to the growth and development of its employees.

Brammer offer all employees access to a ‘Working Well’ programme. This free and confidential service enables employees to access impartial advice on a plethora of issues including: Housing, Relationships, Bereavement, Health & Wellbeing, Career, Debt, and Depression. Employees can access their own interactive Health and Wellbeing portal on line and have access to ‘Best Doctors’ Case Managers to advise on appropriate care and treatments to ensure individual needs are met. They also have access to an Occupational Health programme which enables them to appropriately support employees with their physical and mental health needs in the workplace. The Company also has access to counselling services through occupational health and will fund up to three counselling sessions for employees.

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