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    Youth Hostel Association
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    • Trevelyan House, Dimple Road, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3YH

About YHA

What is it like to work for YHA

Caroline White has been the CEO of YHA for over 6 years and has transformed the organisation into a modern, vibrant and financially sustainable business with a very clear vision, inspiring SPIRIT values and an absolute sense of purpose. Caroline very much embraces the principles of visible leadership and spends much of her time in the hostel network and at National Office with managers and team members; her commitment to the twice yearly regional Business Updates is also a great example of this. Caroline is genuinely interested in what motivates and engages people, whether employees or customers and has a very ‘human’, open and approachable style. Her passion for providing life changing experiences for young people, coupled with her infectious energy and enthusiasm, is central to the positive culture and heart and soul of YHA. However, she does not shy away from difficult decisions but will always ensure that they are made fairly, communicated openly and handled with dignity for all concerned. As a very accomplished external networker, she takes every opportunity to promote YHA and its charitable object with parliamentary groups, educational bodies, corporate businesses and of course other charities. She is a true ambassador for YHA in every sense of the word.
My Team
My Team
YHA have held numerous team building events within their hostels and national office to underpin the values of the organisation and celebrate the achievements of the last year. These include an organisation wide awards ceremony, a national office Summer BBQ and individual team building days for their teams and departments.
My Company
My Company
YHA hold a People Forum every quarter, which enables employees across all levels of the organisation to offer input, feedback and ideas. They also hold monthly Team Briefs in each region and Managers in all regions have the opportunity to feedback on business initiatives. There are monthly Directorate Meetings held at National Office for all employees within the Directorate to attend and actively participate in. In hostels, there are daily 'huddles' where the Hostel Manager communicates relevant information to Team Members and asks for ideas.

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