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About Quill Pinpoint Ltd

Quill helps law firms streamline and run law practices better by providing simple and easy-to-use practice management and legal accounts software, as well as outsourced legal cashiering, bookkeeping, payroll and typing services.

With some 40 years’ legal industry experience, Quill is the first choice for many start-ups and small to medium sized law firms. Quill are proud of their heritage, being privately owned, staunchly independent and long established since 1978. In their early days, they were just a handful of entrepreneurs and developers selling programmable calculators. Nowadays, they are a 100-strong team spread across Manchester, Liverpool, Colchester, Kirkcaldy and Brighton.

Quill strongly believes that if they look after their employees, they'll look after Quill clients. They’ve nurtured a team of long-serving employees (their average tenure is eight years) who are intrinsically proud of the work they do. Their aim is always to provide the best possible workplace which promotes equal opportunities, continued professional development, career progression pathways and, quite simply, a fun place to be. They are guided by ‘CORE’ values of remaining committed, open and honest, respectful and supportive, and efficient.

They also have a strong ethos of ‘giving back’ to the community, hold regular events to raise money and frequently take time out to assist charitable causes.

“I firmly believe that a key ingredient to organisational success is the continual fostering of the symbiotic relationship between employer and employee. This year in particular has demonstrated how Quill’s thriving and flourishing ecosystem supports and enhances the wellbeing of each individual for the benefit of every stakeholder.” - Julian Bryan, MD

What is it like to work for Quill Pinpoint Ltd


Quill invested in leadership training in late 2019. All managers participated in training over the course of several days, covering important topics such as providing constructive feedback and mental health awareness. In response to the pandemic, the organisation immediately created aCovid-19 task force to help address concerns and chose to continually communicate with their staff early and often. They used a range of tools, including text messages, emails, newsletters, app messaging and videos from the leadership team. Recognising that transparency was key to keeping employees engaged and reassured during the pandemic, the use of all these pathways has helped them ensure that when they had information to share, everyone understood what was happening and why.

My Manager
My Manager

The organisation’s Leadership Training Programme, which launched last year, was delivered to all Managers, Team Leaders and Directors. It was delivered by an external trainer and - following conversations with people managers to understand their requirements - was designed to meet these needs. As part of the training, they implemented weekly team meetings and monthly 1-2-1s. The weekly team meetings allow peers to come together and provide a closer support network for one another. The monthly 121s effectively identify training needs and allows for coaching or mentoring to be implemented quickly.


Since June, the organisation has been sending out monthly surveys to assess how everyone is feeling and ensure that staff feel supported.

Mental health is an area that Quill does not take lightly. They have a Mental Health First Aider and are linked up with an Employee Assistance Programme to offer complimentary counselling to their employees. They believe that the relationship between wellbeing and employee engagement is synonymous. If their staff are happy and healthy, they’re going to be more productive and engaged with the business. 

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