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About Assetz Capital

Assetz Capital were founded by Stuart Law in the middle of a crisis for the banking sector. SMEs in almost every sector had been shut out from accessing large, secured loans, and investors were finding it almost impossible to generate good returns on their investments, stifling economic growth. With its innovative online platform and experienced team of banking, credit and technology professionals, they exist to create a fairer business lending landscape.

Since the company was founded in 2013, they have delivered outstanding results for businesses and investors alike. They have lent over £900m in much-needed finance to UK SMEs and housebuilders, funding over 4,000 new homes, while investors have earned almost £95m in total gross interest.

Much of their success is down to their people, which is made up of experts with a huge collective experience of quality and safe lending, aided by a nationwide network of relationship directors who visit and vet potential borrowers.

At Assetz Capital they combine traditional credit assessment techniques with modern technology, rather than relying on purely computer-based loan approvals, creating a truly unique and market-leading proposition. Over the years, it has become a legitimate source of alternative funding for investors and organisations alike, becoming a serious competitor to mainstream banks in the process.

What is it like to work for Assetz Capital

They have an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) in place to enhance the wellbeing of employees and ease workplace stress. This provides all employees with a helpline if they are feeling any stress related to work. It also gives employees access to counselling sessions and a stress assessment to identify any particularly problematic areas so that additional support can be offered to boost wellbeing.

Employee’s caring responsibilities are taken seriously and flexible working options are provided where necessary. One recent example is that a senior member of staff needed flexible working in order to care for an unwell relative. Support was put in place to make this flexible working feasible, and the team ensured that they were able to take off the time to look after the relative when needed. 
My Company
My Company
At Assetz, their values, purpose and vision are woven into their daily life. They understand that it’s simply not enough to just say what they are, instead they are committed to bringing them to life though their actions, communications and though their internal identity. Through a series of printed collateral, they’ve made their reason for being and values accessible and engaging for all of the team – regardless of where they’re located. Their branded mugs with their mission ‘Fairer growth for all’ serve as daily reminders as to what they stand for as a business. They also integrate their values into their team awards and ‘star of the month’ criteria to ensure they’re driving the behaviours that are important to them.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
At Assetz Capital they’re committed to fairer growth for all. They wanted all of their employees to be rewarded for the hard work they do and share in the company’s success, so, in 2016 they established the ‘Staff Pool Bonus Plan’.  Under this plan, the Directors established a bonus pool, which is a percentage of the total number of authorised shares in the company. The value of the pool is directly linked to the value of the company, therefore if the value of the company grows, so does the value of the bonus pool.

The bonus pool is designed to pay bonuses to employees at the time of an IPO listing, or similar event. They communicate the value of each employee’s individual bonus value whenever there’s a material change. Plus, the executive directors aren’t included in the pool, it’s exclusively available to the employees without share options. This plan unites people at all levels of the business by giving everyone a stake in the company’s success.

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