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About Badenoch & Clark

Working relationships are so successful at Badenoch & Clark that there have been 12 weddings among staff. However, you don't have to be a couple to be committed to your job at the firm. Almost a third of staff have been with the company for at least three years. They thrive on working in a supportive team environment in pursuit of regular targets and rewards.

The 515 staff at this recruitment consultancy are proud to work here, giving it an 81% positive score, feel fully involved (84%, a top 10 result) and would recommend it to others (85%).

Significant rewards in the form of team commission, nights out, weekends away, promotions and month-end Champagne Fridays all encourage employees to hit their four-week targets. Fun is one of Badenoch & Clark's core values and last year the firm spent a generous £672,000 on social events. This helps it win an 88% positive rating for staff having a good time at work. Employees also say work gives them a buzz (79%) and that colleagues care about each other (85%) — all scores earning top 10 rankings.

Co-operation and collaboration with colleagues isn't just limited to those sitting near your desk. Teamwork could mean working with the Edinburgh office, liaising with Luxembourg or even working on a tender with parent company MPS Group in Florida.

Strong team spirit is matched by strong leadership. Staff say they have a great deal of faith in managing director Neil Wilson (83%) and think the organisation is run on strong principles (84%).

Monthly evenings out hosted by senior members of staff to celebrate success and an open-door policy mean staff like and respect their bosses. They feel managers talk openly and honestly with them (83%) and regularly express their appreciation when they have done a good job (81%, another top 10 score).

Benefits include a contributory pension scheme, the opportunity to take an eight-week sabbatical and a three years' service bonus of either gym membership or private medical care. Staff can also negotiate flexible working and reduced hours to fit in with family commitments.

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