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About Bible Society

More than 200 years ago a 15-year-old Welsh girl, Mary Jones, thought the Bible was so important that she walked for 26 miles to buy a copy in her own language. That journey led to the founding of Bible Society with the help of people like William Wilberforce, Thomas Charles and Joseph Hughes, who asked: 'If for Wales, why not for the kingdom? And if for the kingdom, why not for the world?'

That question has driven Bible Society for more than two centuries. It’s why they’re established by Royal Charter and why The Queen is their patron. The Bible is a gift for the world today, not just yesterday. It’s world-shaping literature. It tells the true human story, centred on Jesus Christ. And it’s revelation that aids transformation: through the Bible, they can have life-giving encounters with God.

So they've committed themselves to work prayerfully, imaginatively, joyfully, boldly and skilfully to offer the Bible to the world. Presenting the Bible today isn't always straightforward. It comes with baggage. They can't assume it's obvious to everyone – even to every churchgoing Christian – that the Bible is useful or true.

They want everyone who's part of Bible Society to be set free to bring the best they have to the tasks they've been given. They won't be afraid of taking risks. They'll respond to whatever challenges they face. They'll be humble when they succeed and they won't be downcast when they fail. God has given them the gift of the Bible. They want to see more people reading it, more people understanding it and more people changed by it.

What is it like to work for Bible Society

The CEO of Bible Society spends a lot of structured and less formal time with their direct reports and senior team but could easily become inaccessible to others. 
So they aim to implement the following additional practices: 
1 Join daily staff prayer meeting, 
2 Walk the floor once a week - chat with teams and individuals 
3 Eat lunch/play board games in staff kitchen with whoever is there once a week
4 The PA is proactive to enable short slots for the CEO to see anyone who either needs encouragement or wants a chat and prioritise these in planned gaps in their schedule 
5 The CEO aims to greet service/facility staff on arrival and often chat briefly 
6 They prioritises regular formal communication to staff at monthly All Staff Meetings. They have rescheduled meetings and flights abroad several times to ensure they are present for these gatherings 
7 They have sought to supplement these formal face to face communications with regular email/intranet comms 
8 They have moved their office to a central open part of the floor so that they is more visible and accessible to staff
My Manager
My Manager
Bible Society encourage their Management / Leadership team to apply for a place on the development programme that they offer. If they have not already studied in this area then they can develop and formalise their leadership and management skills with a globally recognised professional Diploma. To implement this training Bible Society have partnered with Knowledge Brief, global leaders in management and leadership innovation, to deliver this inspirational, accredited management programme. Successful candidates will obtain a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management. They currently have 5 managers on this programme due to graduate soon. They are in the process of offering the opportunity for a new cohort to join the scheme. When the offering will be a level 3 or level 5 management programme dependent on the needs of the staff member applying.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
Bible Society offer the opportunity to study on a Graduate Diploma course with Westminster Theological Centre. What drew them to WTC was their emphasis on Kingdom Theology and their dedication to academic scholarship combined with a charismatic commitment to life in the Spirit. For them, WTC seemed to offer the best opportunity for someone already in full time work, providing a contemporary, fresh and dynamic learning environment.

If they have employees who have shown additional commitment to their mission then they offer this opportunity to them. All fees and costs are covered by them and time to study during the working week is also agreed and supported.

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    Health Insurance

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