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About CAE Technology Services Ltd

From seeing an opportunity in a rapidly growing technology market back in 1992, CAE has grown organically to be recognised on a local, national and global scale delivering exceptional results. The goal is not a number. The goal is to build the best business possible that will stand the test of time in the long term. This can only happen with a desire and passion to make things better. Every new person who comes into the organisation has the ability to make a positive difference and shape what the business becomes in the future.They are not perfect, they will never believe they are perfect, but by recognising their flaws they are able to improve. The only way this is achieved is by displaying a unique ability to adapt in a rapidly changing world built on a foundation of listening; listening to customers, partners, colleagues and friends.

Every decision the company has taken over the years has been a result of understanding a challenge and figuring out how to address it in a way that makes things simple and ensures that everyone involved can feel a sense of achievement. It is not the technology that CAE delivers that differentiates them, it is their approach to everything they do and that approach can only be implemented and brought to life by people. The strength of the core culture of the business means that it has been able to grow consistently to expand geographically. Each office has it's own personality that is encouraged to flourish and has been put in place to bring a CAE workplace closer to customers and to support a work life balance for every employee. They excel when they work together and when they are at their best they get recognised for being the pinnacle of technical, relationship and customer service excellence. They know how to celebrate their successes and make sure that those who support them in their lives get to share in that success.

What is it like to work for CAE Technology Services Ltd

Their CEO engages with employees all across the business in many ways; CAE Stars provides a great platform for their CEO to congratulate employees for thank you’s and nominations received, which really helps to emphasise the importance of recognition as well as engaging with employees to celebrate success. Presence is felt in every office from no question being off limits, to a laugh that is infectious. For new employees this starts with a lunch as part of induction, which is an open forum, where everyone gets to tell their story and be made to feel like part of the family. This is not leadership hidden away in an ivory tower but leadership that is visible, eats lunch together, is known to help with crosswords and can regularly be seen on the table tennis table. Communication embodies the company values, with face to face time encouraged and a unique style of communicating company policy on email that blends what is necessary with a very CAE way of explaining things. Leadership has definitely demonstrated a strong desire to listen and inspiration comes not only from what is said but most importantly by what is done – every single day.
My Team
My Team
A major event for them this year was the BIG Company Kick Off, a chance to bring the entire company together to focus on their successes to date and future plans, as well as an opportunity to socialise with peers. The event was held at an offsite location in Windsor, and included a full day of departmental and company wide sessions, as well as evening entertainment and awards, an overnight stay and a breakfast meeting to finish up and capture feedback. Over 200 employees attended the day and night, and every single department was represented and involved in the agenda. The evening consisted of employee awards, in which employees voted for prior to the event as well as fun and games to support interaction amongst employees. The final element of this event was an informal breakfast meeting to gather feedback on the event. 

In addition to the company wide event, they also took their Service Desk and NOC Team offsite for a team building day. Following last year’s engagement survey workshops, it became apparent that being a 24/7 team, working various shift-patterns this team had limited opportunity to bond as one team. The team consists of almost 40 employees, and with the operational requirements it was not possible to remove the entire team for 1 day; instead they strategically split the team into 2, and held 2 separate days with the same agenda. The day included, engagement and satisfaction workshops, escape games, career planning and problem solving. Following the events, focus groups have been formed and continue to meet frequently to drive improvement in areas such as, social and charitable activities.
My Company
My Company
The BIG Company Kick off is their primary way of communicating their Vision, Mission and Values. The annual event, with the entire company in attendance lends a unique opportunity to truly demonstrate how the ‘Why’ of CAE shapes their Mission, Vision and Values. This then leads to personal objectives within an employees’ annual PDR. Employees understanding the business’ journey and how their aspirations can align with that, in order for each person to develop both personally and professionally they believe is uniquely beneficial to both CAE and its people. The BIG Company Kick off includes presentations from their CEO and COO, demonstrating the ‘Why’, and their Mission as a business, it includes departmental strategy and insight sessions; an opportunity for each area of the business to analyse the company strategy to collectively work together to build departmental plans and objectives. 

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