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    • Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB4 0DW

About Cambridge Consultants

What is it like to work for Cambridge Consultants

CC have an open air lounge area, which provides a quiet and tranquil environment for their employees to relax in, either at lunchtime or during other quiet times. The company also host free weekly yoga sessions after work. To ensure that mental health is looked after as much as physical, CC have a free and confidential counselling line available to all their employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CC actively encourage employees to use this service if they are experiencing stress or other difficulties, whether work related or personal. Cycling is very popular and to ensure CC employees are safe whilst cycling to and from work the company provide reflective cycling jackets so they can be seen easily by other road users. They also provide them with drying facilities, showers and freshly laundered towels. CC organise for the bicycle ambulance to visit the site and undertake work on employee’s bikes to ensure they are maintained properly and roadworthy. The company also pays for their time and the employees pay for any parts they use. They even provide a cycle workshop for staff to undertake minor repairs during the day and provide spare bulbs and other small items. CC also offer to pay £100 towards new glassed if needed for VDU work, which is in addition to paying for the eyesight test.
My Company
My Company
CC’s people are central to everything they do and achieve. As an organisation their company purpose statement has been created and spelt out using over 350 'selfies' of their staff. It has become a living metaphor of CC’s purpose and a copy of it has been put in all key locations around the world. All new starters receive a starters pack containing a personalised mug, biscuits, a personalised message from the CEO and also a booklet outlining CC’s journey to creating their purpose and values. The annual reviews are also based on the company’s values and each employees performance is judged against living and demonstrating each of the values. At CC’s company 'Togetherness' session the business also encourage storytelling, where employees talk about their journey in the company and relate it back to the values.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
CC give their people the freedom to pursue the projects that inspire them and to switch from one specialism to the other if that’s where they feel they can do their best work. The company have no interest in trying to mould employees to fit a pre-existing role. Instead, they want free-thinking individuals who’ll find original solutions to novel problems. On the back of having such unique employees, CC run a 'Nobel prize' scheme to reward extraordinary staff effort and achievement. Anyone in the company can nominate anyone else directly to the CEO, who in turn makes cash awards with an announcement of congratulations in the company's monthly in house magazine.

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