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About ClearScore

ClearScore are a credit checking company, who's mission is to help everyone, no matter what their circumstances, achieve greater financial wellbeing, starting with their free credit report.

ClearScore is one of the fastest growing 'FinTechs' in Europe. The CEO launched the site from a small office in Hammersmith and they have grown to over 10 million users around the world over the course of only a few years. By providing credit scores and reports for free, they have empowered people to take control of their money and improve their financial wellbeing.

The organisation celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for their people. They place wellbeing - both physical and mental - at the heart of how they operate to achieve their individual and collective potential. They support flexible working, so if you need to work from home or come in later, that's fine; they measure results rather than clock-watching, which means employees are free to set their own schedule.

A large focus of ClearScore's culture is the celebration of success and the people team goes to great lengths to reinforce traditions that highlight individual and collective successes. Passing the 3-month probation period at ClearScore is a big deal, and every month a 'Wall-signing' takes place to celebrate those who have succeeded. This event is attended by everyone at ClearScore and shows a strong appreciation for the privilege of working at the business.

What is it like to work for ClearScore

My Manager
My Manager
All line managers receive training during their probation to bring them in line with ClearScore's operating system. This comes with a set of expectations and commitments and every line manager undergoes a three-day external training course, covering a wide range of management fundamentals. 
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
As part of new joiner on-boarding and ongoing in-house training, a series of workshops are conducted by members of the Senior Leadership Team and external experts to broaden the soft skills of every individual in the business. The aim is to create a working environment in which an individual can become their best self, developing those skills (such as communication, public speaking or time management) that aren't typically taught as part of a traditional school curriculum. 

All management are offered training in how to spot signs of mental illness and how to support reports and wider team members who aren't coping. Fortnightly 1-2-1's between managers and reports contain a wellbeing component that encourage open conversation around how the report is actually coping in a confidential environment.

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