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    • Festo Ltd, Applied Automation Centre, Caswell Road, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN4 7PY

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The leader of the organisation is able to master a lot of detail as well as being an excellent strategic planner but what sets him apart is the emphasis on communication and engagement. This manifests itself in terms of open communication about the plans, performance and challenges facing the company as well as his personal commitment to the development of interpersonal communication skills through Festo's internal Fit for Change training programme. He really believes in investing in the people and this is a core strategy for the success of the company. He is personally committed to and drives forward the company's internal training programmes for the develoment of coaching skills and a coaching culture as well as their management development programmes. He demonstrates a high level of leadership, integrety and trust on a daily basis and is a clear role model in the business when it comes to the effective use of communication and coaching skills.

Personal Growth
Personal Growth

All employees in the company have a target minimum number or hours that must be spent on training and personal development each year. Many people have a portion of their bonus scheme related to meeting this target. Topics for training and development are driven by the employee following a self assessment against their Balanced Scorecard and a needs audit. The employee is responsible for defining their development needs in relation to their own requirements as well as standard competency models for their roles.

My Company
My Company

One of the clear ways the Festo listens to employees and seeks feedback is through the process of coaching. In Festo all managers have been trained as coaches and the coaching process exists in both a formal and informal way between employees at all levels. Within Festo the coaching process is about asking questions and actively listening to the views of the coachee. Managers are encouraged not to suggest or impose their ideas but to listen to and understand the ideas that are put forward. The coaching process supports employees to develop their own solutions to problems that are faced. If employees ideas stand up under questioning the manager is encouraged to accept them. The goal here is not just to listen to the coachee but to encourage them to engage with the problem, develop their own answers and ultimatly become more empowered and independent.

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  • Childcare

    On-site nursery or vouchers

  • Long Service
    Long Service

    40% of employees with more than 5 years' service

  • Health Insurance
    Health Insurance

    Full family cover

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