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About Flight Centre (UK) Ltd

What is it like to work for Flight Centre (UK) Ltd

My Manager
My Manager
Every member of the management team has access to the company’s leadership pathway to further develop their leadership skills. They hold two Assistant Team Leader and Team Leader conferences every year to support development and offer them a forum to share experiences and ideas. This year, they have also introduced a new training session called ‘New Learning Methods’. During this one-day course, Team Leaders will learn how to better engage their teams and promote understanding by using a number of different learning styles. Management Team are also sent on external courses for job specific training. They also have an entire department dedicated to supporting the management team so they may reach their full potential. Leadership Academy hosts training sessions and one-to-one mentoring with the management team to help them develop their skills and also to support them as they create a succession pool within their team. Finally, financial assistance is offered for external professional training courses and development.
My Team
My Team
The company has a number of processes in place to boost team interaction and communication. Each day Team Leaders across the country host morning meetings with their teams to celebrate the achievements from the previous day and set the goals for the next. During large company events, such as a new product launch, Team Leaders are given PowerPoints, interactive games and meeting itineraries to boost their morning meetings and ensure every member of their team is fully engaged in the new product and receives the information that need to make the new product a success. Recent examples include the launch of their Escapes product range across their retail brands (photo attached), and the launch of their watermelon range within Corporate Traveller. In addition, they host an internal Facebook group to promote collaboration and develop a sense of community across individual teams. Area Leaders also send out a ‘Daily Revs’ email every morning to summarise key achievements and targets within their team. They host a number of team social events, competitions and incentives to encourage collaboration within each team. Furthermore, they regularly host Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader conferences to ensure collaboration between teams and give leaders a forum to share ideas. The company also offers Buzz Nights and conferences.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
Reward and recognition is one of the company’s core philosophies and integral to the success of their business. All employees, regardless of their position, have an uncapped salary with a base retainer and incentives that are based on measurable key performance indicators. This gives every member of the team complete ownership over their salary and the opportunity to receive financial reward for their achievements. Incentives, targets and action plans are collaboratively set during each team member’s monthly one-on-one with their leader. This meeting also determines what the leader can do to help them achieve their goals. Additionally, Flight Centre holds a number of events to reward their team on achievements. ‘Buzz Nights’ are held quarterly for each area of the business to acknowledge individual and team personal bests. Colleagues are given the opportunity to nominate members of their team for an outstanding achievement award. They also host a UK-wide black-tie event every year called The Summer Ball. This event celebrates top performers with on-stage awards in-front of their peers. Finally, all twelve Flight Centre nations from across the globe take part in an annual Global Gathering Ball. For this event, top performers from each country are flown to a chosen destination for an incredible three-day all-expenses-paid VIP event. Previous destinations have included Las Vegas, Singapore and Cancun. During this event, Flight Centre employees from around the world celebrate each other’s achievements with on-stage awards. The event also includes inspirational speakers and parties hosted by world-famous performers and DJs.

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  • Charity Activities
    Charity Activities

    At least 20% of staff are known to undertake charitable activities during business hours without incurring financial loss

  • Women

    At least 40% of senior managers are women

  • Profit Related Payment
    Profit Related Payment

    Companies where profit related pay is available and at least 50% of people receive it

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