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My Manager
My Manager
Before detailing how the organisation supports and develops its managers it is worth noting that 90% of Team Leaders and Managers within Gopher Money have been promoted from the ranks. This in itself is a clear indication of the value and trust that they invest in all their staff. They support the leadership team by ensuring they are involved in all decisions relating to their teams and offering them along with their teams the opportunity to develop themselves. For example, every Team Leader and Manager within the company bar one is currently undertaking at least one qualification. This is indicative of the need to 'Continue to Progress' and is demonstrated from the top of the company to the bottom. Initially this is done via KPI's not just surrounding performance but also quality and how they feel that their managers demonstrate the company values. Initially they discuss this in one to ones where all aspects of their performance is documented and from here they also complete at least 2 employee engagement surveys per annum where staff are given the opportunity to confidentially express how they feel about all aspects of the business including their Manager. Ultimately low attrition rates are one of the best measures as to how Gopher Money managers are performing as statistics show that employees who leave a company have done so principally due to a change in personal circumstances, rather than being dissatisfied with their role or the way they have been managed. This demonstrates that employee’s loyalty to Gopher Money begins with how they are supervised, which has been supported in the results of the employee surveys.
Gopher Money try to embrace a 'Relaxed, high pressured' environment. They appreciate this is a contradictory statement but they give their staff the freedom to manage their own day meaning that to an extent they can come and go without having to log in and out expect for health and safety purposes. Anyone feeling stressed can step out and unwind knowing they can work beyond their contracted hours to catch up if they fall behind their target. In essence a lot of the staff class themselves as 'self-employed' meaning the pressure they apply is at their own volition. As a business Gopher Money are always trying to encourage employees to move away from their desk on breaks and lunches and be able to clear their head ready for work. The existing Learning and Development manager works closely with staff in helping them deal with issues both inside and outside of work such as relationships and stress and personal development. This has seen sickness per FTE continue to improve this and the feedback from those who are working with him is very positive.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
Every week everyone in the business is eligible for recognition resulting in them receiving a Bronze, Silver or Golden ticket. This is based on a number of different achievements which include being a top 3 performer within the team, ensuring that their customers receive the best service by seeing the process through to completion as well as adhering to core values. Those who receive a Golden ticket can also choose to take a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates with all recipients of tickets being recognized by their peers in a public display of celebration. The tickets are placed into a quarterly draw with 2 Bronze winners, 1 Silver and 1 Gold. The prizes comprise of a £250 shopping voucher for Bronze, a £500 shopping voucher for Silver and a £1000 holiday voucher for Gold. As this is not purely based on performance it drives everyone in the business to not only 'Be the Best' but also 'Treat Customers Fairly' and 'Make it a Brilliant Place to Work.

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