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My Manager
My Manager
JCT600 have three separate Leadership Programmes. One is for fundamentals, one for introducing real Leadership Skills and one is a Potential Programme focused on emotional intelligence that is run in the Lake District and spans seven months. After programmes Managers re-group in Learning Sets to keep their relationships and form tight networks. The company’s Talent Manager Sarah is taking a Coaching Diploma and provides internal Exec Coaching for some Managers following the High Potential Programme, along with coaching provided by an external facilitator. The company pays for groups of managers that have been through the High Po LDP in the Lakes to go back up for an overnight stay when they want to come back together, as they see this as a real investment in their long term development. One member of one intake was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year at 40 years old. His group met with him regularly and took him back up to the lakes before he died, a real demonstration of not only how they bonded but how they support one another long after the programme has finished. JCT600 also provide staff with quarterly in site and brand reviews and monthly one to ones with Managers. They also have a Year End Review Process. The company are a performance driven, target orientated business and this dynamic cycle is just part of the way they do things.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
JCT600’s new Patronage with Princes Trust has allowed them to support non work employee development through mentoring opportunities. The company have had a great deal of positive staff feedback from this, confirming how colleagues really feel. Within work, supporting employee development is a core part of JCT600’s personality as a business. Their ‘Wired Talent’ programme supports non Managers through nominations to have an individual Learning and Development plan pulled together between Sarah the Talent Manager, the colleague and their Manager, all of which is completely tailored to their needs. It can last one to four years and they have extra access to seminars, speaker events and learning resources by virtue of being on the programme. The Programme is an aspirational part of JCT600 and they have a 50% promotion rate. The company are hugely proud of this programme and the development it has provided for those on it.
JCT600 have introduced a new programme of "Energy Management" sessions this year. These run regionally for 1.5 hours each in a highly interactive and fun way. All colleagues are invited and multiple sessions run on one day. The Coach that runs these is hugely positive, down to earth and fits the company’s culture well. He forces colleagues to think about what they put in their bodies and how this impacts on their energy at work and at home, all of which has really helped the workforce this year. Colleagues have given up caffeine, cut down on sugars or are simply considering their nutrition a lot more. Rob used fun techniques to get people thinking generally about their food, drink and energy levels. All of this has led to some true light bulb moments, great results and even greater feedback. JCT600 also provide full counselling via their OH or through their industry charity BEN for those that suffer in this area.

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