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    • Saffron Housing Trust Limited, Saffron Barn, Swan Lane, Long Stratton, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom, NR15 2XP
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About Saffron Housing Trust

Saffron Housing Trust was formed in 2004, when 4,300 homes transferred from South Norfolk Council. Since then, it has grown by almost 50% and now manages over 6,000 homes, 99% of which are in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Saffron provides affordable homes for those in housing need, it offers specialist homes for older and vulnerable adults, and is committed to providing new homes to help solve the housing crisis.

Saffron’s people are at the heart of everything they do. Their motivation, support, and engagement are critical to the delivery of the Corporate Plan. They have a positive, inclusive, and respectful culture with a strong focus on service improvement, employing people whose values are aligned.

The organisation acknowledges how hard its people work and their commitment to its future. Its exciting engagement and benefits platform mean staff can recognise colleagues and take advantage of a range of discounts.

As part of its ‘Positive Future Strategy’, providing opportunities to get involved and the happiness of staff is important. Their social activities planner gives them the chance to interact and have fun.

“We work really hard on the concept of Team Saffron – a Board and 228 staff committed to the same clear purpose. We decided to take part in the Best Companies b-Heard survey as part of being fully accountable for staff engagement. This is the first time we have taken part in the survey so receiving a 1 star accreditation representing ‘very good’ levels of employee engagement is very encouraging. The feedback about the areas we can continue to improve is just as valuable as we build a team that can make the greatest possible difference to the communities we live and work in.”- James Francis, CEO

What is it like to work for Saffron Housing Trust

Saffron communicated continually throughout lockdown using, intranet, emails, blogs, videos, and vlogs to reach as many people as possible. Saffron have been able to utilise the power of Microsoft Teams and hold open huddles with more than 150 people at a time, led by members of the leadership team.  
Saffron’s message from the start of the pandemic was that their priority was the safety of their people, tenants, and the communities they work in. Saffron were very clear that while some would be able to do more than others, no one would be judged on what they were able to do.  
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Once lockdown commenced and a new way of working had started to embed, Saffron turned their attention to restoration plans. They have ensured a safe return to work for all staff in line with the Government guidelines and business needs. Individual discussions took place with staff to discuss work/life balance to integrate them back into the business and all risk assessments were completed and published. They prepared a video which was sent to all staff, so that they could see all the changes that have been made to keep them safe and to give them reassurance. 

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