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About Salix Finance

Salix Finance is a Government-funded, not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to provide interest-free funding and expert support to their partners, enabling and inspiring local and national climate action in the transition towards a low-carbon future.

Since 2004, Salix has been passionate about supporting the public sector to combat the climate crisis and as of March 2020, has funded over 18,700 projects with over 3,100 public sector bodies, valued at £971 million. This is estimated to save over £203 million and reduce carbon emissions by 867,000 tonnes annually.

Over the past few years, Salix has seen considerable growth, expanding from a small organisation to employing almost 60 members of staff. As of September 2020, Salix has been tasked with delivering a substantial amount of additional funding to public sector organisations to not only continue to drive down emissions and save money, but to create job opportunities and support those on furlough, contributing to the UKs economic recovery.

The company vision, ‘Driving our nations response to the global climate crisis’ is a representation of the ambition of all Salix staff, who are considered individual leaders and share equal responsibility for the organisations continued success.

Together, the vision and mission statements communicate the driving force behind Salix, an organisation that embraces challenge, innovation and growth to achieve continued success: supporting their own goals, their partners goals and the global climate agenda.

"Salix’s core mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of the UK and ensure our country plays its part with other international leaders. Now we will use our investment portfolio to create jobs and build a better future. I see everyone in Salix give their best and thank you Best Companies for this recognition because Team Salix is exceptional. It’s a privilege to work with them." - Annie Shepperd OBE, Chief Executive.

What is it like to work for Salix Finance


Three weeks prior to the government enforced lockdown, the Salix leadership team activated their emergency plan. It was evident that the COVID 19 infection rate was spreading in the UK and the leadership team were watching what had happened in other countries across the world. The first engagement with employees was to involve them in the plan to move to 100% home working, with all staff working together to ensure the technology they had at home would work. The leadership team allowed time for staff to travel to their preferred place of home working, as many staff lived alone and wished to return to live with family. Prior to home working, leadership arranged for all teams across the company to meet and collaborate on a strategy to work from home while remaining connected to Salixs clients. Each team drew up a plan and shared this, pooling ideas and planning how the working day could be managed from the home environment. During this period, the leadership team decided to purchase laptops for all staff, in addition to supporting staff in testing their internet capacity at home before supporting necessary upgrades. 

Personal Growth
Personal Growth

Salix recognised the value that could be gained during the pandemic by supporting staff to complete a range of training. The training courses arranged for all staff to participate gave them the opportunity to develop a range of skills including leadership, strategy, influencing, networking and collaboration. Salix took the opportunity to take advantage of working from home and turn the lockdown experience into a time for personal and professional development, building resilience as a workforce and providing staff with an additional sense of purpose. Being given the opportunity to come together as a company and reset was hugely valuable and ensured that collaboration remained central to how Salix works, learning from and supporting each other in order to provide the best possible support to our customers, stakeholders and colleagues. 

My Company
My Company
After being in lockdown for two weeks, it became certain that this would continue for some time and so the leadership team at Salix opened up a number of new initiatives that were open to all staff as a means of supporting them while at home. The organisation has taken steps to look at the different internal systems being used to ensure that these are allowing staff to work effectively from home. For example, Microsoft Teams was set up at the beginning of the year which has allowed everyone to continue communicating with one another and supporting clients. Shared files have been moved online and the number of staff meetings was upped to ensure connectivity between staff, maintaining business as usual as much as possible in line with new working from home arrangements.

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