Quick facts
  • What we do:
    Research software/services
  • Year established:
  • UK locations:
    London, South West

About Snap Surveys Ltd

What is it like to work for Snap Surveys Ltd

Snap Surveys pay for all staff to have eye-tests. After a recent ergonomics review with an external consultant, resulting requests were acted on. This included things such as footrests, document holders and plants.
My Team
My Team
The bonus scheme, for the majority of staff, is team based which makes everyone work together to perform to the best of their abilities. The entertainment budget is split and each team decides what they would most prefer to do. Regular team meetings take place to review and discuss work issues.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
The organisation has monthly management meetings where top management highlight areas of good performance to team leaders. Regular departmental meetings are held where information about high-performing employees is shared. Positive feedback for individual employees from the ongoing customer satisfaction survey is emailed on a monthly basis to the whole department and shared with top management.

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  • Childcare

    On-site nursery or vouchers

Company Statistics

  • Annual Sales:


  • Staff Turnover:


  • Earning £35,000+:


  • UK sites:


  • Male : Female:

    34% / 66%

  • Male to Female ratio:

    34% / 66%

  • Average Age:


  • Staff:


  • Graduate Vacancy Locations:

    Marketing, Software Development

  • Provides work experience?:



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