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My Manager
My Manager
The company provide a multi-tiered leadership development programme that targets all levels of leadership from aspirational right through to those who lead the business from the top. They have a programme aimed at improving the skills and capabilities for those who aspire to take on management roles for the first time. Aspiring Managers will take part in workshops and use assessment tools to develop the knowledge and skills essential to realising their leadership potential. All people managers are provided with the skills, training and support to be the best leader possible. Over 9, full and half day workshops, delivered across 12 months by outsourced experts, they learn how to round out their management skills in areas including having sickness and absence discussions, career conversations, how to drive performance and essential areas of employment law. All Managers, whether newly promoted or new to the business, will complete the programme. The company have developed a philosophy of helping leaders to explore their abilities, challenges and aspirations. In this leadership development programme, delegates actively and practically explore ‘leadership in the real-world’, get connected to what you they care about and identify the difference they can and want to make. They are provided with all the tools, insight and hands on experience they need to make it happen. Empowered Leader helps good leaders to become great leaders. The Senior Leaders on this programme have the opportunity to explore their capabilities, challenges, the opportunities and how to achieve their aspirations. More importantly, understanding how they will do that together.
My Team
My Team
Employees have attended events to create understanding about the company’s five year plan, about individual business areas and how they plan to deliver exceptional customer service. The event also offered opportunities for colleagues to ask questions of the Executive Team. Prior to the event, employees posed questions and feedback via an electronic portal so they could ask questions anonymously should they prefer. Competitions were set up with prizes, and everyone was encouraged to have fun. Feedback post event showed that colleagues gave the event an overall rating of 4.1/5 (v 3.8/5 in 2014). 92% of participants felt the events objectives were met, 90% said they felt proud of working for the company and 74% of respondents had a better understanding of the Bank’s vision. Following on from the events all senior leaders were involved in a company-wide cascade of the five year plan launched at the roadshows. Leaders across the business held sessions with their teams, using a centrally provided toolkit (presentation, quiz cards, briefing notes) to explain the five year plan in more detail and what it would mean for colleagues in their area. These sessions were well received and have set the strategic context for colleagues for the years ahead.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
The company have a REDStars recognition scheme that was re-launched in February 2014. This scheme is designed to recognise, encourage and reward excellence in the behaviour of employees over and above the requirements of their normal duties; and provides an opportunity to celebrate such special efforts. Employees can be nominated as individual or as part of a team by their colleagues or Managers. All employees who have been nominated receive a REDStar badge, a £20 REDDIE’s voucher and a thank-you note from their Senior Leader. The top 5 nominees per quarter receive a REDStar trophy, £400 in high street vouchers and are taken first class on an expenses paid overnight trip to London with a private pod trip on the London Eye and dinner with our Executive Team.

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