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About AnalogFolk

What is it like to work for AnalogFolk

The company has a senior management team with a very open and honest attitude, and particularly that the Founding Partners live and breathe the values, and demonstrate them. It starts with the welcome induction from their founder. They do lots to support and engender a push towards innovation and being remarkable; tangible initiatives like the Tech Bench (an area that holds pioneering edge tech gadgets that aids our research and development) to intangible things as having a simply open door policy for advice. The company focus less on departments and instead on small ‘pods’ of people who are committed to a project from start to completion. The small teams approach extends beyond client projects and into agency operations where responsibility is devolved down to the level of the people on the ground to make decisions they seem appropriate. Each quarter the senior management team host a compulsory attendance company gathering.
My Team
My Team
The company has weekly departmental meeting for staff to become empowered with the freedom of idea and knowledge share in the agency. Monthly open door sessions are held with HR on an informal basis and follow up meetings and progress reports are produced to that staff can see their opinion counts. The company believes an open culture promotes a feeling of freedom. A programme called AnalogFolk Labs gives all staff an opportunity to spend part of their time working on innovation projects of their own. In addition to being a big morale boost, they have found AnalogFolk Labs to be a great way to keep the mind sharp, not to mention produce a few incredible products along the way.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
One of the core values as a company is ‘Be Remarkable’. On the surface this sounds like a grand statement that rewards BIG achievements, but this is not the case. ‘Be Remarkable’ is about approaching every part of your day with the same enthusiasm and always striving to go the extra mile (or meter, or centimetre). Their platform for rewarding Folk follows the same ethos. Whilst they do have big rewards for some of the biggest stars like our Global Exchange Programme, the opportunity to work in our micro-network of offices in London, NY, Sydney, Portland and Hong Kong they are passionate about ensuring Folk are rewarded for doing the little things. Nothing symbolises this more than their Weekly Nominations where Folk submit their nominations for a remarkable performer of the week. Nominations are read out at the Friday meeting with each nominee receiving a warm ovation and the winner a playful prize. We reward our Folk for their dedication and loyalty by celebrating their AnalogFolk birthday by gifts and gestures. Service is also rewarded with enhanced benefits.

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