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My Manager
My Manager
Arrows Group’s values rely on total company commitment to being United, Open, and Bespoke. All Arrows Group managers, including Directors, work on the floor of the refurbished open plan offices, making themselves available at any time for their teams. This physically displays their intentions to ensure Arrow Group is completely open internally. Their employees benefit from such accessibility to managers by tapping into their knowledge when they need it, so they can deal with any challenges they face, personally or professionally. Management also lead from the front, in terms of commitment and timekeeping, ensuring they set the tone at the top that their teams can incorporate into their daily habits. Managers are also managed by behaviour and productivity to ensure they are leading by example. They achieve this through daily ‘stand ups’ each morning with their teams. The stand ups are short meetings, typically 15 minutes, for teams to update each other on their key priorities, any issues they might face, and sharing any expertise that helps others overcome challenges.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
At Arrows Group, they recognise that their working environment and the career opportunities they offer are critical in enabling them to realise their ambitions of building a world class company based on world class people. The best example of how Arrows Group support employee development is by taking a holistic approach to their staff’s welfare through ten key aspects: Growth - Arrow Group offer advancement for individuals both financially and professionally. International - they have opportunities in existing and new territories in Europe and beyond wealth creation and participation. They are 100% privately owned with a comprehensive EMI Scheme. Wellness - they combine flexible working policies with healthy incentives such as subsidised gym memberships. Corporate Social Responsibility - Arrow Group support local charities through employee participation and volunteering, and regularly hire apprentices through the UK’s national apprentice scheme. Incentives - they offer annual trips abroad such as Miami and the Alps, and regular quarterly competitions with various rewards to suit diverse tastes. Career development - Arrow Group offer a comprehensive training and development programme, including their Olympic-inspired High Performance Academy which they believe is industry-defining. Management - as the company grows, they promote most of their managers from within to become their future leaders, involving them in their offsite sales conference. Employee empowerment - Arrow Group encourage staff to share ideas and innovations that shape both their destiny and that of the company. Fun - Arrow Group are a team of like-minded individuals who share in the energetic and progressive culture to make their time together far more enjoyable.
My Company
My Company
Arrows Group held its inaugural Arrows Group Sales Conference in October, bringing together the current and future leaders from all offices. The overall aim of this conference was to revisit the group strategy, explore best practices across the business and gain some in depth feedback from each division around how they are doing and how Arrow Group can improve. The event focussed on representing everyone within the company and the majority of the work done on the day was designed to take away practice improvements that were shared with everyone, so all colleagues can participate in building a world-class company. One of many reasons for appointing Greg Searle as Board Advisor for Coaching and Development, was to ensure Arrow Group could use his expertise in eliciting maximum engagement from employees to achieve the company’s vision. One method involved offsite sessions for two days with team leaders, spending time with them to share the company’s vision and performance goals, and encouraging participants to commit to actions and processes that contribute to these goals. These were then fed back for review against ongoing initiatives. The company’s Personal Development Plans provide the primary route for a tailored approach to developing Arrow Group's employees’ careers. Feedback is a critical component to the PDPs, ensuring the employee has a voice in their career path, and how their career contributes to the company’s success. Feedback is gathered by each manager, and implementation is assessed in terms of practicality, relevance, and scope.

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