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About Arthouse Ltd

What is it like to work for Arthouse Ltd

They set up bi-weekly relaxation classes which involved bringing in a specialist to conduct sessions over lunchtime for all employees to attend. During each session different classes would be set up consisting of; Chi Gong/Do-in, Makko Ho, Simple Meditation, Gentle Breathwork, Simple Yoga - Sun Salutations, and Simple Massage. They have a room which contains an area with sofa’s, big pictures and generally stress relieving items. Staff are able to detach themselves from the workday and relieve any stress they may have by relaxing with a book. Managers are encouraged to take their team out to the local Costa coffee/bistro (paid by the company) to detach from the workplace for an hour or two. Staff are encouraged to make use of the local hills for walks and runs during their lunch break. The workplace is surrounded by hills which is ideal for a de-stress and as such several staff go for walks and runs every day.
Giving Something Back
Giving Something Back
Arthouse support the local Rossendale Hospice charity and regularly hold Friends and Family days whereby they post letters to the local residents and business to encourage their attendance to the Arthouse showroom onsite where they can purchase products that were previously samples or gold mark items. All proceeds are then given to the Hospice. The company support the local college and are working with them to help their students develop their skills by providing materials for their studies. They hold open days for local university students and invite market players for them to meet and develop relationships with.
My Company
My Company
Arthouse use various mechanisms to ensure that their messages are communicated throughout the business. They have many projects running at any one time and ensure that they include various areas of expertise to run the project in order to bring both a different skill set but also help people to learn about more areas of the business. They feel that this helps to reinforce their messages of communication and growth/development as Arthouse are constantly testing people to learn different things and instilling in them the nature of their business. Arthouse operate a top down communication chain whereby they proliferate key messages from Board to Management Team Meeting to Wider Management Team Meeting to Team Meeting to 1:2:1’s to Individual Projects/Individuals. Twice a month, they run briefings whereby the whole business is presented to from one/a couple employees. Arthouse task each of these presenters with sharing knowledge about the business and the area they work within and thus underpinning the culture of open communication that they have here in the business. They have very keen on encouraging activity within the Social side of the business. Using mechanisms such as Yammer they have been able to embrace the social scene even more and encourage the fun in the workplace. Arthouse run a quarterly company newsletter which they fill with messages from all parts of the business and from all of their principles. They operate approximately 16 away days per year across the whole company where staff are offsite completely for focussed workshops.

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  • Charity Activities
    Charity Activities

    At least 20% of staff are known to undertake charitable activities during business hours without incurring financial loss

  • Women

    At least 40% of senior managers are women

  • Pensions

    Companies offering a final salary, non-contributory pension scheme or one in which the employer puts in at least three times

  • Development

    Companies who provide support for non-work related training

  • Family Friendly
    Family Friendly

    School hours contracts offered to staff

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