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Personal Growth
Personal Growth
B3Living believe the key to people realising their potential is being self-aware and understanding what motivates them at work; therefore the organisation have adopted a strengths-focused approach to help staff identify what energises them at work and how they can stretch themselves to achieve peak performance. This is a different mind-set to traditional performance management, which is overly reliant on identifying and working on their weaknesses. A key theme for the Chief Executive Joe Chambers is "One team". B3Living use a strengths based tool in their team development to help teams identify individual strengths and how these map into the strength profile of the team. It helps them to identify how an individual can optimise their strength and how they can improve the team's effectiveness. This strengths based approach also aids in the development, plus it benefits the individual, the team and the organisation.
Last year B3Living rolled out a Resilience programme. This was open to all staff and focused on the proactive side of stress management. It includes a “strengthscope”, a strengths assessment which ascertained the key personality traits or activities that employees were energised by or had the capacity to become great at. Examples included emotional control, detail orientation and collaboration. There was also a one day Resilience Training course covering topics like managing your mindset, controlling the controllables, stretching yourself, using your strengths and being aware of stress. Where possible B3Living invite in guest speakers to address staff on the topic of wellbeing, as well as inviting brave colleagues who are willing to share their personal experiences. All staff are also invited to attend a course on Mental Health First Aid to help them identify when a colleague or a resident might be suffering from mental health issues and how they might go about supporting the individual.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
Last October B3Living launched a new annual staff award scheme. The organisation designed a campaign where they asked staff to nominate one another for a “B3Inspiring Award”. After a consultation exercise the Board have recently reaffirmed B3Living’s values of being collaborative, respectful, creative, reliable and excellent. They have decided to use these as the categories to be clear that these are the behaviours they prize and want to encourage staff to model. With 50 nominations a team of Senior Managers selected 15 winners. These winners were announced at the staff conference and were presented with a certificate and gift vouchers by the Chair, as well as a special winners pin badge by Anneka Rice. The pin badges are worn with pride on lanyards and have quickly become coveted items! As the winners were announced at an event in front of the entire staffing group the applause and cheers that they got lifted the roof. It proved to be an uplifting and motivational way of rewarding star staff members for their exceptional performance against organisation values.

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