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About BAM Nuttall

The company built Britain’s first skyscraper in 1908 and contributed to important national infrastructure from the Dartford Tunnel to the Claerwen Dam in Powys. Today, BAM Nuttall continues to offer employees challenging engineering projects, including London’s Crossrail — work that leaves them proud, according to a 79% positive score in this survey.

Acquired by the Dutch BAM group in 2002, the Camberley-based business was rebranded in its present form in 2008. But being part of a group with 25,000 employees does not mean staff are no longer treated as individuals. Feedback is actively sought from all, and everyone is encouraged to comment through personal discussion sessions at so-called “beyond zero” workshops on such subjects as sustainability and the environment. “Beyond zero” means the firm aims to achieve much more than simply the elimination of on-site accidents. These gatherings are undertaken confidentially, so people feel they can speak freely without disguising their views.

Individual opinion is also garnered via a dedicated email address, and all sites, offices and depots are provided with safety and environment observation cards to report issues or simply to share good practice. Staff say they love working for the company (72%) and believe they can make a valuable contribution to its success (83%).

The firm co-operates closely with customers, stakeholders, the local community and suppliers as well as its employees to achieve “beyond zero” results. All its projects are independently audited through the Considerate Constructors Scheme. Transparency is its mantra, so BAM Nuttall publishes an annual sustainability report online.

Consequently, workers are clear that the organisation genuinely cares about the environment (82%, just seven other companies performed better) and believe that it does its bit to protect it (80%, a top-10 result).

Apprenticeships are recognised as a key entry route into the business. An award-winning inhouse engineering programme was expanded in 2009 to offer apprenticeships to commercial staff. The first of its kind in the industry, it now receives accreditation from the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors. Colleagues say the experience gained is good for their future and conclude that jobs here enable personal growth (both 76%).

Last year, the scheme was broadened further to offer a route for aspiring planning engineers. Support is provided by advisers who guide apprentices, skilled staff who act as mentors, and past graduates who are more than willing to offer a helping hand.

What is it like to work for BAM Nuttall

Personal Growth
Personal Growth
Apprenticeships at BAM Nuttall are recognised and celebrated as one of their key entry routes and continue to provide the Business with talented, skilled and committed employees who contribute to the continued success of the Company. BAM Nuttall's programmes are designed to support people through the early stages of their career and give them all the same opportunity to become professionally qualified and climb the career ladder. Through the success of their award winning Engineering Apprenticeship they expanded the programme in 2009 to offer an apprenticeship for commercial staff. This was the first of its kind in the industry and has received accreditation from Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors. In 2013 BAM Nuttall have expanded this programme further to offer a route for aspiring young Planning Engineers. In 2012 they significantly increased the number of Craft Apprentices in the Business and they continue to develop the support model to effectively retain these apprentices. BAM Nuttall currently have over 145 apprentices enrolled on technical, trade and business support apprenticeships. However, BAM Nuttall strive to know and support all apprentices working on their sites regardless of who they are employed by. Apprenticeships are embedded throughout the organisation and supported by several key roles –Apprentice Advisors who support and guide apprentices throughout their programmes, a network of highly skilled staff who fulfill the roles of mentors and line managers as well as a growing alumni of past apprentices who are always willing to offer a helping hand.

Giving Something Back
Giving Something Back
BAM Nuttall is committed to engaging with the local community and stakeholders wherever the company works. They encourage their regional business units and project sites to choose suitable charities or community partners to support. Employees are encouraged to assist in fund-raising activities or giving their time in other ways. They set a target of providing support, financial and benefit in kind, that equates to at least 1% of pre-tax profit, and normally exceed this target. Their current total is £254,000 in cash and in-kind benefits. This included £130,545 of cash support, bolstered by time and in-kind support, and the engagement of BAM Nuttall’s supply chain partners. It represents 1.4% of their pre-tax profit. Lucy Brown, Chief Executive, Disability Initiative, stated: ‘Disability Initiative feels very fortunate that it has entered into an interdependent, mutually agreed, sustainable relationship with BAM Nuttall. To have two diverse organisations working together on a journey which has environmental, economic and social dimensions can only mean one thing – improved and changed lifestyle and wellbeing practices for staff of both organisations. BAM has provided Disability Initiative with a vast range of support at all levels from senior directors to their office teams with many staff volunteering to support our physically disabled adults in their educational, social, health and wellbeing activities and programmes. In turn, Disability Initiative has provided an opportunity for BAM staff to push their own personal boundaries in terms of personal development, confidence, understanding, equality and diversity.’

My Company
My Company
With the introduction of Beyond Zero, all employees have the confidence that what they say matters. This is one of the unique aspects of working for BAM Nuttall. To actively encourage feedback from staff, they went out to everyone with the Beyond Zero workshops and encouraged people to come forward at a personal level. Any personal discussions, positive or negative, were undertaken confidentially so their personnel could speak freely. There are many ways in which they gather feedback from their staff from the dedicated Beyond Zero email address to just talking to people. The most effective is the Safety and Environment observation cards. All sites, offices and depots are provided with cards. Everyone is encouraged to record observations, anonymously if they wish, to report issues and near misses or simply to share good practice. They can be health and safety issues, environmental issues or any other event worthy of being brought to other people’s attention. People can record details of any action they have taken in situations, to share their ideas and to prompt discussion or action at management level. All our staff are regularly reminded of the importance of giving feedback. At the end of 2012, BAM Nuttall held a successful awards ceremony, available to everyone across the country via their intranet, celebrating what was best about Beyond Zero. It was a simple way of demonstrating how Beyond Zero can make a difference on site, in the office and most importantly, for the well-being of each of their employees.

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