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About Banks Sadler

What is it like to work for Banks Sadler

The company is committed to creating a transparent workplace, whereby information is shared openly and frequently to encourage and demonstrate their values. At key stages of the business operations (i.e client wins, proposed expansion, office moves etc.) the information is shared with the whole company via an email and duplicated on the intranet. For any complex issues, it may be appropriate to deliver the information via a webcast, allowing for people to ask questions. Each week, they hold a meeting where all Team Managers get together to share, update and discuss the forthcoming week. All information is then cascaded back to the teams so that everyone is aware of what is happening on an operation level within the agency. Each quarter our CFO shares with the whole agency a financial update on where they are as a business, highlighting all progress against team and agency targets, as well as any potential risks or opportunities. This allows everyone to understand how they are financially performing and the contribution that everyone makes to it Our leaders operate an open door policy, consistent with their values of being approachable and collaborative. They are regularly involved with best practice forums and sometimes also attend team outings.
My Team
My Team
Banks Sadler actively encourages cross company collaboration, across teams, offices and countries. All new starters have a BIG - Banks Induction Guide. The BIG usually takes the new starter to lunch on their first day and is around to help them integrate into Banks Sadler during the first few weeks. All new employees also have a lunch with the CEO. They actively encourage new employees to join in with Friday socials or quarterly social committee activities to try to engage them with other teams. They also arrange various new start initiatives, to encourage team interaction. One such past event was a speed dating style networking in the canteen over pizza, with set questions to get people talking to other new and existing employees from across the organisation. As an Event Management agency, they regularly have opportunities for all staff to help on site at events. This not only enables them to develop professionally, but also gives them the opportunity to work with other teams. Apart from the social committee, they also have a charity committee and various focus groups, that regularly work together
My Company
My Company
Our Vision, mission and values are all displayed on the intranet. We encourage a transparent working environment, with an open plan work layout. The managers are also governed by the same work rules of holiday, sickness leave and benefits. As previously mentioned, each year we hold a company conference which provides an excellent vehicle for sharing our vision, mission and values

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    At least 40% of senior managers are women

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    Non work related training supported

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