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About Barclays Bank PLC

Barclays Bank may be a big company but it makes sure it treats its staff of more than 62,000 like individuals. The bank provides sign readers at meetings for staff with hearing disabilities, time off for employees undergoing fertility treatment and has a policy to enable people to work until they are 70. The new London headquarters also includes a dedicated multifaith room.

Chief executive John Varley even posts his personal diary entries on his website on the company's intranet. This modern, inclusive approach taken by the 270-year-old bank, which recorded pre-tax profits of £4.6 billion, may explain why more than a third of staff have worked here for more than 15 years.

Our survey scores show why people like working here: Barclays gains a 75% positive score for staff believing in company values and having fun at work, and a 69% score for work being an important part of their lives. Continuous development of employees is the key to the success of the bank. Team spirit and support from managers is evident; staff score the bank 72% positively for people in their team going out of their way to help, and 69% for saying their manager regularly expresses his or her appreciation when they do a good job. Benefits include private healthcare, an award-winning pension scheme, the chance to buy shares in the organisation and discounts on a range of goods and services.

Barclays, which spent more than £6.5m on fun and social events last year, believes in investing in the community and is spending £30m to create sports facilities across the UK (having spent £32m on community projects last year). It has enabled more than 11,200 staff to do charity work in office hours, has increased its support for employees in Africa living with HIV/Aids and is committed to equality and diversity. Despite this, the 63% score earned for running the bank on strong principles is the lowest of our top 20 and only two other companies have a lower score than Barclays for profit being the only thing driving the organisation.

While its logo may be blue, Barclays tries hard to be green, having received awards for its "outstanding contribution to environmental management" and for the environmental credentials of its new offices. The 61% positive score earns the bank a top 10 ranking for this. It narrowly misses another top 10 finish for work/life balance, the 59% score earning it 12th place in our top 20.

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