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About Bayer

The workers of this chemical giant have nothing but good to say about it. More than 90% say management trusts them to do their jobs, 82% say they are encouraged to balance their work and family lives and more than half say they plan to stay with the company until they retire.

That intention is borne out by data showing that more than a third of workers have been with Bayer UK for more than 10 years and nearly 15% for more than 20 years. Staff turnover is low.

The company, which invented aspirin, has annual sales of more than £20 billion, ranking No2 in the German chemicals industry and No16 among all companies in Germany. British sales are £853m.

Worldwide, Bayer employs 120,000 people. Some 2,000 of them work in Britain at 11 locations, including six manufacturing sites. The company's headquarters are at Newbury in Berkshire.

True to its roots, Bayer remains strong in healthcare (drugs and diagnostic instruments) but is also a big player in agricultural products (insecticides, herbicides, and animal health), polymers (plastics, rubber) and chemicals (coatings, dyes).

Workers have a direct route to management through the Bayer UK forum, a staff association in which everyone is enrolled. The company offers flexible work schedules, job sharing and telecommuting. They can also choose to work a four-day week of nine hours a day.

Employees praise Bayer for its generous benefits, which include a pension scheme and private health insurance. They also cite Bayer's "strong support in times of personal grief". One senior employee says: "We have managers who are not afraid to show a human face."

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