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STRONG ROLE MODELS abound at Blackstone Group LLP, one of the world’s leading investment firms. Sabina Puri, an associate in the hedge fund division, says: “There are a lot of inspirational people to be around.” One of them is Stephen Schwarzman, the chief executive and one of the co-founders who set up the global asset management group 31 years ago. Named among Forbes magazine’s most influential people in finance last year, he inspires his staff (84% positive).

The London-based firm holds assets under management of over $360bn, including stakes in Versace..


What is it like to work for Blackstone

Blackstone’s Senior Managers are dedicated to acting as ambassadors of the firm and culture carriers. Their commitment to the company’s guiding principles are embedded into every decision they make and the firm takes great pride knowing that the founding principles and values Blackstone was built on 31 years ago still govern them today. Globally the Senior Leaders take every opportunity to increase communication with employees and to support their development. They regularly film and post videos, newsletters, podcasts and other social media updates discussing the business, which can be viewed by employees via Blackstone’s various media outlets. Stephen Schwarzman is committed to developing the intellectual curiosity of employees, helping them to inspire one another and also drive change. Creating an environment that enables employees to thrive in this way stems from his and the firm's commitment to fostering a culture based on innovation and ideas, with an emphasis that leadership and robust debate is expected at every level. Topping the Forbes 2016 Magazine’s list of the most influential people in finance, Stephen’s top priority for his employees is to ensure that they are always engaged. In support of this goal, he ensures employees hear directly from him and other Senior Managers via regular Town Halls, Lunch and Learns, weekly meetings and email correspondence.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
Blackstone is proud to offer London employees a variety of opportunities, training and resources to help them grow, develop and achieve great things. This includes regular and firm wide group and title specific events and activities that provide employees further opportunities to connect, build strong communities and support networks within the firm. Blackstone’s Global Analyst Training allows first year Analysts to receive an overview of each division of Blackstone in New York. The company’s Global Summer Analyst Training Programme trains the Summer Analysts on corporate valuation, excel and modelling best practices, in addition to providing them with an overview of financial statement analysis and comparable analysis. Participants also attend a speaker series’ with the heads of Blackstone’s business units. Blackstone’s Associate Training programme incorporates a two-day orientation and events range from SMD networking and business overviews to professional development seminars. Women’s Network and Working Parents Network additionally aims to recruit and retain talented individuals and in doing so create a strong community of female professionals and working parents within the firm. Finally, the Peter Peterson Award is given annually to an employee who has shown a deep commitment to excellence inside and outside the firm.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
Blackstone recognise that there are many factors that contribute to having a rewarding career and retaining employees; therefore the company takes a holistic approach to understanding and facilitating opportunities for employees on the areas that matter to them most. This ranges from ensuring that employees’ work is challenging and stimulating to offering competitive compensation, benefits and extra-curricular activities that support employees and their families.

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  • Charity Activities
    Charity Activities

    At least 20% of staff are known to undertake charitable activities during business hours without incurring financial loss

  • Gym

    companies offering either free gym/ sports facilities or offering subsidised gym membership for all employees

  • Health Insurance
    Health Insurance

    Companies offering private health insurance for all employees

  • Maternity

    At least 10 weeks’ full pay or generous alternative

  • Profit Related Payment
    Profit Related Payment

    Companies offering profit related pay to all employees

  • Development

    Companies who provide support for non-work related training

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