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IT MAY BE named after the county where it is based, but Buckingham Group Contracting has branched out since it started trading as a plant hire firm in 1955. The building and civil engineering contractor now has 442 employees in 45 UK locations, including at its head office in Stowe. Its staff believe they can make a valuable contribution to the construction firm’s success, an 86% positive score on this measure. A family fun day last summer included dodgems, a bake-off tent and a zombie shootout — with a competitive element to some events, complete with an awards ceremony and trophies.


What is it like to work for Buckingham Group Contracting

The Senior Management Team are fully engaged in embracing Buckingham Group’s core values into their formally published, communicated and briefed Corporate Objectives and Strategies. This is evidenced/demonstrated by the Leadership and Communication Forums that were specifically designed, developed and implemented to focus on “Buckingham Values” and included the core sessions within each day’s programme such as company history and developing the business and Buckingham Values. Within this presentation the company leader presents from his Personal Perspective. He puts emphasis on safety, believing that without it nothing else is worthwhile., and customer focus and making the client’s (and suppliers) experience the best it can be great performance and honest positive communication. Also, Empowerment & Freedom with Responsibility & Ownership – as an ethos and being ‘’the best’’ at what they do. It is important to the SMT that the company retains family values by taking an interest in and taking care of people and being approachable. Also important is teamwork & co-operation and honesty & integrity. Buckingham Group has a genuine, clearly definable flat management structure with the Leader taking an active, hands-on role in the day-to-day management of the business. Their Leader engages openly with staff at every level of the organisation on a daily basis via his open door, every voice counts policy and visible presence throughout each day at the office, communicating with employees at every level of the organisation (kitchen, corridor and water cooler chats). Formally, reported Director Site Safety Leadership Tours, providing visible leadership and promotion of key safety messages through engagement and conversation with individual staff, employees and subcontractors.
My Company
My Company
It is Buckingham Group’s opinion that their quarterly Leadership and Communications Forums are unique and extremely effective in communicating, reinforcing and providing regular updates against the defined objectives and strategies in place to measure the progress they are making towards delivering their Mission. Their Primary Purpose and Mission is communicated via the following, integrated approaches, the Mission is clearly and fully embraced within the published Corporate Objectives that have been developed into an easily printable A3 poster for display in Offices and on sites. The Mission forms the foundation for all appropriate communications at all levels of the business such as constant and consistent reinforcement of the mission and its’ core components. Along with the company Objectives and Strategies, the Mission, provide the key theme, structure and core content for Leadership and Communication Forums. The core message, “be the best”, is used within the Personal Performance Review process that involves monthly one-to-one conversations with all staff frequency. Board and Senior Managers are tasked, as part of their Leadership Role, to “Walk the Walk” daily and by their actions and daily interactions with Clients, Suppliers and Employees continually reinforce the Mission.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
Alongside the provision of competitive market salaries and benefits, the Board have for the past 20 years operated a staff bonus scheme linked directly to Company profit and to personal performance, as determined within a clear and communicated scoring framework. The current schemes provide staff with a maximum bonus as a percentage of base salary of between 15% and 50%, varying dependent upon responsibility levels and with the majority of staff at 15% or 20% adjusted pro-rata to a target profitability. All salaried employees have a notified ‘scheme’ setting out behaviour and performance expectations and example bonus calculations to support their understanding. Over the past two years, they have also issued every member of staff with an ‘Annual Bonus Statement’ clearly explaining how their specific bonus payment has been calculated. The statement sets out the forecast company profit figures alongside their personal performance scoring determined by their senior managers. Where final company profits have exceeded the profit used for the calculated bonus payments, top up payments have been made. The intentions are to avoid vague or subjective bonus awards and to reinforce the direct link between profit, performance and reward, with the annual ‘Statement’ giving the feel akin to a shareholder’s dividend statement.

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  • Holidays

    Companies offering a minimum of 25 days annual leave to all employees

  • Profit Related Payment
    Profit Related Payment

    Companies offering profit related pay to all employees

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    Family Friendly

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