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When you jump on a plane, a train or a ship, it is invariably with a holiday spring in your step. What is often overlooked is the effort that goes into making that holiday happen. C&M Recruitment makes sure all aspects of the travel industry are staffed, filling both temporary and full-time jobs in the aviation, rail and shipping industries as well as tour operations, car hire and foreign exchange.

With three offices in London, Gatwick and Manchester, staff at C&M are well placed to recruit for these industries. There is a strong sense of family in their team and belief in the company's values and principles (an 80% positive score for both).

In 2005 the organisation was voted top recruitment company at the Travel Bulletin awards and won the best recruitment website at the Travelmole awards. One reason for the firm's success is the leadership, with staff having great faith in their managing director scoring 87%. Angus Chisholm has been managing director since the company was founded in 1998, and is highly regarded by his employees, who are inspired by him (83%), say he runs the company on sound moral principles (84%) and that he is doing a great job (88%). Awards are given to salesperson and non-salesperson of the year, and there is an occasional one-off outstanding employee award. These accolades are appreciated, with employees saying good work is consistently recognised (84%) and good performance is appropriately rewarded (85%) at C&M.

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    41% / 59%

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