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About Cambridge Online Systems Limited

What is it like to work for Cambridge Online Systems Limited

Each year the Leadership Team run a series of presentations to include all members of staff entitled "The Cost of COSL". The sessions are intended to give all members of staff a detailed understanding of how the company make their money, where it comes from, where they spend it and what happens to the profits. Cambridge Online see this as a unique way to engage with staff and let them know exactly what they are contributing towards. In running these sessions, they feel that they lead from the front in demonstrating honest and openness of communication, improving awareness and helping people to understand how their individual actions contribute to the overall success of the Company. They have implemented a Lean and 6 Sigma culture and have commenced a programme of workshops designed to raise awareness of how individuals can contribute to the Company’s greater success by working in cross-functional teams. David, the CEO, strikes an excellent balance between compassion and focus. He has really energised and focussed the team but remains fully aware that everyone who works at the company is a person with personal responsibilities and needs. David has created a culture of empowerment reversing 33 years of autocratic management. This has been achieved through an open communication style and building a Leadership Team with complementary skill sets to each other. In order to define the strategic direction of the company, David introduced the "6 Pillars" of the business. They are based on the 6 core principles. There are projects and activities aligned to each pillar with timescales and ownership. This is published on the intranet for all staff to view.
My Manager
My Manager
Coaching and mentoring from the Leadership Team and each other to help build their skills, tackle challenges collaboratively and work effectively as a unit. There is a monthly one to one process including self-scoring and goal setting and sharing. There is an annual audit of the one to one process conducted by the MD to ensure fairness and consistency in the process. One to one training programme is offered to all staff and is designed to help managers and their people get the most out of the process.
Giving Something Back
Giving Something Back
Each year Cambridge Online take two students on a work experience programme. Each member of the Leadership Team spends time and shares their views of what it is like to run a team within a company. The students then spend time with each member of those teams to bring to see how it works in reality. This gives them a great insight into what work is really all about and how different teams interact and the views and needs of companies and their managers or employees from a real employer's perspective. The Managing Director spends time giving an overview of the pressures of managing a business and bringing together how all the departments need to work together to effect this. Additionally, there is a session on making a difference as an employee and instructions as to how companies interview and guidance on how to approach the job market. They offered a week’s work experience to someone known to the Company who has recently fallen on hard times. This has given him the opportunity of regaining some self-respect and feeling valued again, giving him the benefit of a good reference and hopefully giving him the inspiration to seek further employment. They also have a team who organise various charity events for staff to attend throughout the year. These events are funded by the Company and raise a significant amount of money for a chosen charity. Cambridge Online are proud of their continued support of the apprenticeship scheme and each year aim to continue this.

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  • Charity Activities
    Charity Activities

    At least 20% of staff are known to undertake charitable activities during business hours without incurring financial loss

  • Holidays

    Companies offering a minimum of 25 days annual leave to all employees

  • Gym

    companies offering either free gym/ sports facilities or offering subsidised gym membership for all employees

  • Profit Related Payment
    Profit Related Payment

    Companies offering profit related pay to all employees

  • Development

    Companies who provide support for non-work related training

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