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The senior management team act as role models in the firm, which includes demonstrating behaviours relating to company values. Partners regularly present on Capco’s core values during the Partner presentation on the first day induction, bringing their values to life with real examples of how they are lived day-to-day. Moreover, the senior management team often blog using their internal social media tool, CapInTouch, and rotate the writing of a company-wide email, “Friday Reflections,” informing employees of their own work and life over the last few weeks and recognising excellence across the company. They also use virtual thank you badges, sent via CapInTouch, based around the company’s core values. They can be given out to anyone in the organisation as a quick and easy way to show appreciation for a value demonstrated. The company have recently introduced a quarterly partner CapPanel, an opportunity to ask their leaders about Capco’s strategy and/or anything else the employees would like to hear about. The next panellists are nominated by the leaders taking part in the current one. In addition, the UK CEO recently created 8 engagement work streams as a result of “Listen” feedback sessions with employees to address the issues most pressing to them.
My Team
My Team
Team interaction and communication is part of what makes Capco tick, and at account team level, the leads are responsible for engagement and wellbeing, as well as overseeing day-to-day work. Each account has a budget for activities, including social events, wellbeing initiatives and communication. Within accounts, employees volunteer to lead and take ownership for driving the initiatives. At a peer level, the company have core training schools, re-vamped this year for different grades of the business. Off-site schools enable employees to interact with peers in a different setting and also provide them with the opportunity to meet colleagues from other Capco locations. At a UK level, Capco strongly encourage their employees to come back to base. This is important as the majority of the workforce is based on client site. Employees are encouraged to attend a variety of events, from town halls to diversity events, film nights to charity events. Via CapInTouch, any employee can create a community based on personal interests, ranging from YogaCap to BurgerCap, and many more in between! The company have just launched Knugget, allowing them to collaborate and share “playlists” of information and articles on any topic.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
In 2015 the company introduced a personal allowance of £50 for every Capco UK employee to use to thank a team member, manager, peer or any other colleague in whatever way they choose. This is in addition to the already well-established and unique use of thank you badges on CapInTouch, the company’s internal social platform. These allow the company to recognise and reward people throughout the business for evincing core company values. The £50 initiative came about as a result of “Listen” sessions, hosted by the UK leadership team and external facilitators as part of their commitment to listening to all of their people, taking feedback on what could be better and what is going well and responding accordingly. The £50 allowance was the first of many new and alternative ways to recognise and thank colleagues in an impactful way. Employees are encouraged to use their £50 in a creative way and in a manner which will really make a difference to the person they are thanking and rewarding.

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