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About Castle Morpeth Borough Council

Practices Staff achievements at Castle Morpeth Borough Council in Northumberland are recognised through the Shining Stars initiative. Everyone who has given exceptional customer service, has achieved success in service delivery, has shown innovation in their work or in making suggestions to improve services, receives formal recognition through a presentation by the Mayor.

In the management of its green spaces the council is taking action to offset its carbon emissions and to reduce its carbon footprint. The council produced 33.78 tonnes of CO2 as a result of staff travel at work (excluding fleet) in the last financial year. This is to be offset by long-term tree planting with the trees staying in place for at least 80 years.

When it comes to charity events, senior management leads by example. Senior managers wore pink clothes and wigs to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness, and the chief executive and a planning officer completed the Coast to Coast cycle ride.

The Constellation programme has been developed to support the council’s drive for organisational excellence. It recognises that all staff have a role to play but have differing needs. Constellation concentrates on four key themes (leadership, customer focus, improvement and culture) that affect every employee. Within each theme there is a focus on people and process.

The corporate management team has undertaken top-team development coaching and its members and unit managers participated in an Impact training programme. Both these initiatives have been a catalyst for culture change throughout the council. Five senior managers have been supported through the IDeA’s Academy for Executive Leadership and three through MBA programmes to further reinforce the abilities of the senior leaders.

Castle Morpeth has developed a Fit for Our Future programme, which will run until March next year. Included in the programme are a monthly sports league, taster sessions for alternative therapies and fitness sessions such as Pilates and yoga. These activities are free and primarily within office hours.

Pay and benefits Job sharing, home working, reduced hours and flexitime are available to most employees. Every member of staff is signed up to the Leeds Health Plan, which allows staff to claim back money towards the cost of visits to dentists and opticians as well as treatments such as chiropody, physiotherapy, acupuncture and osteopathy. The plan includes access to the Leeds Health Plan helpline, which offers counselling, advice on legal, domestic, taxation and travel issues as well as advice on stress management, parental issues, bereavement and relationships.

Awards for staff suggestions are in the form of gift vouchers and are one-off payments. All accepted proposals will initially qualify for a £25 gift voucher. In addition, the best suggestion of the year wins £250, with £100 for second place and £50 for third. Employees receive a £200 award for completing 20 years of service.

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