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My Manager
My Manager
Senior Management at ChapmanBlack demonstrates their commitment to the values of the organisation through everything that they do. Every member of the Senior Management Team has come from inside the company and they would not have got to the position that they are in now, without demonstrating the values that the company holds dear. Their attitude every day is the best daily practice they use to demonstrate their commitment to the values of the company. ChapmanBlack have a strong ethos around leading by example, which sees senior managers prepare to, for example, mark up a Whiteboard with gridding tape or create a PowerPoint document; there is no job too small to not apply the values of the company to. This willingness to "get their hands dirty" and to perform even the smallest task with excellence, is the best daily practice.
My Team
My Team
ChapmanBlack took the entire company away for a "Summer Holiday" team building weekend. This was a weekend stay at an adventure activity ground in Suffolk. The guys spent the day on activities such as working together as a team to navigate swamps, transport liquid from one area to another as fast as possible without spilling any, abseiling and zip wiring. A lot of ChapmanBlack's incentive trips are based on individual performance, rather than the performance of the team so the winners often go with a mixture of people from the company which they find really beneficial in bringing different parts of the business together. Regularly as a company, ChapmanBlack go out for drinks. They find this, as a young company, to be the most effective way of bringing people together. They have a bar in their office as well and provide drinks for people there on a Friday before everyone goes out together. ChapmanBlack let their employees take the lead in the activities that they want to do. They don't believe in "enforced fun" but they try to act as facilitators to the needs and desires of their employees.
My Company
My Company
The CEO, Directors and Head of Operations are in place to qualify feedback. They will also speak to other junior members of staff and get their input into any ideas that are put forward. Implementation is left to the most relevant manager or the Head of Operations and they provide regular feedback in their weekly meetings of ideas that have been implemented. If an idea is not to be implemented, the CEO or member of Senior Management will always discuss it with the person who suggested it and explain the reasons it will not be pursued. This transparent way of working is very important to ChapmanBlack as a business.

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