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Dr Alexander Scott, CEO of the CII, has a highly visible presence as leader of the organisation. He personally communicates details of CII Group strategy to all staff, announcing major developments and reporting on performance, both overall and against specific targets. Dr Scott makes a point of meeting all new members of staff. He delivers a presentation at all company induction days. At the beginning of each year he runs a “launch event” where he outlines the vision and the goals for the organisation for the coming 12 months. Thereafter, he attends monthly management meetings and quarterly staff business update meetings, providing information on the progress of the organisation toward its targets and against the broader market context. His willingness to engage with staff generates confidence in his leadership and enhances their understanding and belief in the work they are doing.


Step to it challenge - a week long competition in which all staff were issued with a pedometer to record their step count with those who clocked up the most steps winning outdoor wear vouchers. This initiative was part of an environment awareness week and aimed to encourage staff fitness as well as reducing petrol-powered travel to work. Dietician workshop - a two hour workshop that covered healthy and unhealthy eating, weight loss, weight gain and nutrition to enable staff to better manage their own diets to stay energised and healthy. A participant fed back: "I learnt two important things in this workshop: 1) that you really should eat a little of everything – cutting out all wheat or all dairy is no good, and 2) what the correct portion sizes for different foods should be. I would like to have learned even more about this. I had always focused on what foods were healthy to eat rather than thinking about how much of them I should eat. I can see why the session could help the business because if people stay healthy they will not get sick and people can be more productive at work."

Fair Deal
Fair Deal

Fishbowl reward scheme - The purpose of this scheme is to instantly reward behaviour that demonstrates their core CII values and /or shows development of personal competencies. It acts as an incentive as well as a form of recognition. Each department has a 'fishbowl' (lucky dip) containing tokens for a number of rewards such as; cinema tickets, lunch out, half day leave, shopping vouchers etc. A total of 10 rewards are placed in the bowl for each department (and are refreshed as used). When a member of staff is considered, by their manager or department head, to have excelled in demonstrating one of the values through their work, the staff member is invited to pick a reward. This reward scheme runs in addition to the regular bonus scheme and instant recognition (monetary) reward scheme. The scheme has proved popular with both staff and managers being well used with 63 rewards given since the scheme was launched in August 2010. The instant nature of the scheme and the fun and social nature of the rewards marks this scheme out from other rewards on offer in the organisation. It encourages staff to do their best every day and in every part of their work, not just when working on high profile or lengthy projects, and realise that this is recognised and valued.

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