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About COOK

COOK was founded over 20 years ago by Edward Perry and Dale Penfold. To this day they remain a family owned business with family values at its core.

The founding mission was `to make meals and puddings using the same ingredients and techniques as you would use at home.' Despite many changes in the economic climate and on the high-street, their purpose has and will never change. They are ambitious for the future and together, want to create a remarkable food company that is a force for good.

COOK are passionate about employee development and take training seriously. They invest heavily in both professional and vocational training so that everyone can become the best versions of themselves. They encourage those who want to, to develop and grow with the company.

COOK are proud of their no bonus culture. Instead, they operate a COOK profit share, which sees 5% of their pre-tax profits given back to the employees, with the remaining profits going back into the company. This ensured every employee receives a share of the profits based on their salary. They believe this encourages a shared goal of organisational success and a one team/community culture.

What is it like to work for COOK

The Senior Management Team lead through building relationships with all people within COOK regardless of position or length of series. COOK does not focus on a hierarchy but encourages all people to have accountability and ownership of their role and responsibilities. 
Giving Something Back
Giving Something Back
The COOK Care Card gives 30% discount off COOK food, and is given to people who are going through a particularly tough time and would benefit from money off of their food. 
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
Non-monetary rewards are very important to COOK. They regularly do peer to peer recognition nominations based on the organisations core values, which gives everyone the opportunity to thank or celebrate anyone else in any other part of the business. As a well done, everyone who is nominated wins a COOK meal for two.

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  • Gym

    Companies offering either free gym/ sports facilities or subsidised gym membership for all employees

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    Profit Related Payment

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    Companies that provide support for non-work related training to all staff

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