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About Countrywide Legal Indemnities

Countrywide Legal Indemnities is in the business of making house buying safer, but it is also careful to provide a secure and stable home for its own employees.

Established by Steven Clarke in 1994, the firm has 74 members of staff working from an office in Norwich. They say the company ensures they are happy and covered with a comprehensive set of benefits.

Perks include a noncontributory pension, with the company putting in a minimum of 8% of salary. Staff also have critical illness cover, permanent health insurance and private medical insurance, including for their partners and dependants.

Everyone gets a space in the car park, discounts with local retailers and holiday starting at 23 days a year and going up by one day for every year of service. Further holiday is offered at Christmas, taking the total up to a possible 31 days. The firm acknowledges the value of the contributions of staff (83%), with six-monthly bonuses and a £1,000 bonus for taking no sick days (reduced by £200 for each day off in a year). Product development ideas are rewarded with at least £500 in cash if they are taken up and staff-friendly ideas win a £50 voucher. Not surprisingly, staff here are happier than in any other SME with their benefits and pay, recording an 89% positive score. They say also that they can make a difference at the firm, with a positive score of 82%.

It is a sociable place where everyone can have an informal chat with the managing director; contributing to an 88% positive score for faith in the leader. The firm donates to a host of charities and encourages staff to get involved with fundraising or take part in a give as you earn scheme.

There are evaluations every six months and staff say that managers share important information with them (80%). Employees feel secure in their jobs (88%) and bonuses for introducing new members of staff range from £650 to £15,000.

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