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About Creaseys

Creaseys is over 150 years old and while they are proud of their history they are also proud of how they have re-invented themselves. Their team is fresh and innovative and their two core processes, "The People Way" and "The Creaseys Way" allow them to understand their clients and their team's bigger picture in order to help them achieve their dreams.

They are a great place to work because they place as much importance on having a happy team, as they do having happy clients. This belief is echoed in their vision ',Happy Team + Happy Clients = A Great Business.' At Creaseys every team member is valued for what they bring to the business as an individual and as part of the wider team. Every team member has the opportunity to shape the firm of the future. There are so many opportunities to get involved with and to make a difference. They have a culture of being open, honest and transparent and encourage their team to be masters of their own destiny. They expect their employees to take ownership of their own career and they support that by giving them the tools to achieve their career ambitions through 'The People Way.'

What is it like to work for Creaseys

Their metaphorical and physical no door policy means that interaction and engagement with the Firms leader, happens naturally on a day to day basis. The firm took a very conscious decision for the leader to not have a client portfolio so that they could concentrate on what they're really good at and lead the Firm without any distractions. This means that they can give 100% focus to the business and to the team. Some leaders hide behind their PA, not Creaseys, their leader doesn't even have a PA! The leader facilitates all firm weekly meetings and its purpose is to update the whole team on current things going on in the business and they use the core functions of the business as a guide. 

The leader also holds an annual CEO Roadshow where every team member attends in small groups. This is to discuss things working and not working in the business as well as openly discuss other messages and initiatives the business is implementing or thinking about. This is so the whole team are involved in understanding why and how decisions are made, how things affect them, and how they can get involved. It’s also not just about business, it’s about what makes them happy personally and celebrates achievements outside as well as inside work.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
Creaseys Group created ‘The People Way’ to bring together all the ways they interact with their team to achieve their 'happy team' vision. Through the People Way, they ask their team what their aspirations, hopes, and dreams are and then, understanding that these hopes and dreams may fall outside of the day job, they work with the team member to give them the flexibility needed to achieve their hopes and dreams.  

The People Way includes many tools to facilitate open and honest discussions between Team Leaders and Team Members so that every Team Member is comfortable discussing any aspect of their development with their Team Leader both work and non-work related. The tools are designed to give maximum autonomy to the Team Member to be the master of their own destiny and take control of their career and provide the Team Leader with the right resources to support the Team Member in achieving their aspirations. 
Wellbeing is a huge part of their happy team vision and this year has seen the launch of their wellbeing ambassadors! Ambassadors are volunteers from across the Business who support and promote the wellbeing initiatives and objectives at Creaseys. Split across three broad categories emotion, physical and social each well-being ambassador is aligned to a specific category to embed complete wellness across the team. 2019 will also see the launch of well-being Wednesdays, this is a day once per month where the team can take time out of their normal daily tasks and dedicate to achieving their own personal zen place. 

The team can choose what they focus on and as a Business, they have planned several events all designed to support the team in focusing on their well-being, for example, their first well-being Wednesday, they have organised a yoga session for the team. The third arm to their well-being strategy is how they spend the well-being budget. They believe a happy team is one which has maximum flexibility and autonomy so rather than offering a one size fits all solution to maximising their well-being they want to take the decisions back to the innovative, creative and talented team they have and let the business decide how they would like the pot to be spent. 

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