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    Payments Security Technology
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    South West
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    • Merchants House North, Wapping Road, Bristol, Bristol, BS1 4RW

About Creditcall

What is it like to work for Creditcall

Company information and success is shared with all in the organisation, so as to enable decision making processes and also show the bigger picture of working towards a common goal. Creditcall's CEO runs entire staff updates on average 3 to 4 times per year, where free lunch is provided, and various people in the company present what is going on in their part of the organisation. Their CEO also has regular monthly meetings with all the other various managers and this information is then disseminated to other team members. In addition, the company has an open door policy and all staff are encouraged to ask questions on anything they don’t understand. There is also a ‘no blame culture’ at the company. All colleagues are treated as equal, no matter of any other factors and encouraged to come up with new innovative and efficient ways of dealing with any work challenges they face.
My Manager
My Manager
Regular, and whenever necessary, daily meetings are held to discuss objectives, progress and obstacles. Underlying these meetings is the philosophy that it is the managers’ responsibility to ensure that their reports have the best possible environment in which to succeed. Notice is also taken of individual working preferences and where possible these are accommodated. The current flexi time policy was a direct result of manager feedback and a desire by the company to accommodate individual preferences. The company ethos is to demonstrate how they are all working towards a common goal and how all the various working parts are vital to the overall success. Informally, managers are encouraged to hold informal sessions with their team or individuals within the team if they see any signs of under performance or symptoms of any kind of problems and difficulty.
All staff have flexi-time options and just have to be in the office for the core hours of 10.00am-4.00pm. Other than that, staff can come in as early as 8.00 am and stay as late as 6.00pm as long as they do a minimum of their allocated 7 hours per day for their 35 hour week. Any type of medical appointment i.e. doctor/dentist are also no issue with staff just asked to make up the time missed into their work schedule.

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