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Estate agents may be renowned for their sales patter, but when it comes to vacancies at Davis Tate, the company doesn't have to say a word. Almost every one of its 62 employees approached Davis Tate because of word-of-mouth recommendation. Staff love working for the firm (an 81% positive score) and are proud to do so (83%).

Since 1991, when Matthew Davis and David Tate founded the company, expansion has led to staff working from nine offices in the Reading area. Davis Tate provides services to help those wanting to buy, sell, let or rent property, and is also expanding links with developers abroad. Such a variety of services demands a wide range of expertise from staff.

Internal and external training is provided, with an annual budget of about £300 per employee.

Staff are funded and given time to study so they can gain NVQ-level qualifications supported by two external bodies, the National Association of Estate Agents and the Association of Residential Letting Agents. Internal courses are provided on skills that staff may need to develop, such as sales techniques.

Davis Tate earned a 79% score when employees were asked if the experience they gain from their job is valuable for their future.

In an industry where long working hours are the norm, Davis Tate respects people's lives outside work by trying to ensure they do not stay in the office too late. Work deadlines are realistic (81%) and employees say their health does not suffer because of their work (84%).

Social events including sports fixtures, family picnics and drinks evenings (paid for by the company) encourage staff from the nine offices to mingle. Employees say they feel a strong sense of family in their team (80%) and that team members care for each other (87%).

All managers meet monthly, and a company meeting is held once a year. Workers believe their senior managers truly live the values of the organisation, giving an 83% result.

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