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About DST International Ltd

"That Friday feeling starts early for staff at DSTi: they tuck into breakfast courtesy of the company each Friday morning. The little touches add up to a great environment for the two-thirds of employees who say they love working there.

The business provides financial software to banks, insurance agencies, utilities companies and estate agents, and has its headquarters in Surrey. Fourteen offices in overseas locations mean staff have the opportunity to work abroad — an attractive prospect for many of those surveyed.

More than half the 673 staff earn more than £35,000; the result is a score for pay that places the company well above its overall ranking. About two-thirds say both that they are paid fairly for the work they do relative to others in the firm and get a fair rate for the industry, top 40 and top 30 scores respectively among the 100 best companies.

Blood sugar levels are kept high thanks to lunch vouchers or Marks & Spencer food vouchers as a flexible benefits option. Those working after 6pm can raid the snacks machine for free, too.

Bosses operate a hands-on management style and line managers received some positive responses in the survey; four out of five say their manager trusts their judgment, DSTi's highest ranking response, placing it 16th overall.

Old computers are given to charitable organisations and the local Surbiton Eagles football club benefits from sponsorship.


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    No employees under 35

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