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Equality, respect and fairness are the building blocks of success at E G Carter. The 224-strong workforce of this family-run building contractors, from carpenters and bricklayers to surveyors and contract managers, feels valued, giving the firm an 85% positive score for believing they can make a good contribution to its success. Staff report a strong sense of family in their team (82%), are excited about where the organisation is going and say their job is good for personal growth (both scoring 80%).

This Gloucester-based company, which recorded £270,000 in pre-tax profits last year, knows that treating employees well leads to loyalty — more than a third of them have been with the company for at least 10 years and staff turnover is just 2%.

Staff report low levels of stress — saying they are not under too much pressure to perform well (80%) and that their health is not suffering because of their job (86%).

Some of the best results in our staff survey are reserved for the chairman Brian Carter, who has put in 48 years at the company. Staff say he is doing a great job, awarding him a 90% positive score, and 89% for running the firm on sound moral principles, the latter ranking the company sixth.

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