About ECHM

ECHM staff are good at the hard sell — most would strongly recommend others to work for the organisation, earning it an 86% positive score in our survey.

Operating out of offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds as well as Dublin and Amsterdam, the firm provides a recruitment service for the finance sector.

Employee turnover, a thorn in the recruitment industry's side, is relatively low at 31.3%. Staff opinion backs up the company's reputation; few say they would leave tomorrow even if they had another job (the 19% score ranking in the top 50). Pride in working here builds loyalty (81%).

The firm has a dedicated training team and more than 10% of the staff budget goes on development. ECHM offers tailor-made contracts, and with all 101 employees using flexitime it is no surprise that feeling the job is good for employees' personal growth scores highly at 80%.

Awards are available to all, from temp to consultant, and range from a bottle of champagne to a weekend abroad. Staff know they count; most feel that good work is consistently recognised (83%), and feel they can make a valuable contribution to the success of the company (84%).

ECHM has various guides to help its staff. Mousehunting explains internet recruitment, while No Weak Links and No Silver Medals offer career management advice. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly illustrates the dos and don'ts of the recruitment industry. Employees say their manager shares important information with them, giving the firm an 80% positive result for this.

There is nobody over the age of 55 at ECHM, and they get on well with each other; having fun teams scores 88%. Staff believe they are fairly paid for the responsibilities they have in their jobs — the 77% positive score here is bettered by just four companies in the top 100.

Company Statistics

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    57% / 43%


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