About Eli Lilly

Employees at Eli Lilly don’t need to use the company’s products to be happy to focus on their work. The pharmaceutical firm, which produces Prozac and drugs to deal with attention-deficit hyperactivity, scores highly among staff for its social function: 84% say it makes a positive difference to the world in which we live, the fourth-highest score in the survey.

Its 2,390 employees, based at five sites around the UK with a head office in Basingstoke, Hampshire, feel proud to be part of a global empire helping people deal with medical issues such as sexual dysfunction, asbestos-related cancer and diabetes.

A total of 77% say the leader of the firm runs it along sound moral principles, and the same proportion feel that they can really make a difference to the success of the enterprise.

Eli Lilly was founded in 1876 and the global company is run from Indianapolis in America with more than 43,000 staff across the world, and more than 8,000 working in research and development of new ground-breaking drugs.

Unsurprisingly, the firm also cares for the health of its workers, and there is free health and life insurance for everyone, as well as access to an on-site gym at every location. There are also alternative therapies offered at the office, health checks, a doctor and nurse, and even a chaplain for spiritual aid.

A total of 97% of employees are eligible for share options, and three-quarters of the workforce own a stake in the company.

Company Statistics

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  • Under 35 to Over 55 Ratio:

    No employees under 35

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