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Gareth is not just a leader who holds formal authority but he has a way of focusing and motivating the group to enable them to achieve their aims. His best compromise is that he is a leader who is flexible enough not only to delegate responsibility for individual tasks, but also to let others take leadership of their own work where required. Whilst a Director, Gareth is very hands on and possesses a high concern for tasks and for people, this leads to relationships built on trust, respect and work accomplishment from committed employees ensuring that the project goals are met. Gareth provides continuity and momentum in achieving group targets and is flexible in allowing changes of direction that benefit both employees and the business. Gareth’s wide range of skills, techniques and strategies allow for an awareness of the wider environment in which the team operates and it must be emphasised, that continuity and focus of the group is never lost. Gareth is always a few steps ahead of his team which makes him a great role model, but he is never too far ahead of the team for them not to be able to understand and follow, he takes his team on the journey. Gareth’s management techniques maximise business output through process implementation and he recognises that all individuals have different ways to fulfil their potential.

Personal Growth
Personal Growth
They start every Trainee Consultant off by immersing them in one of the best Training Programmes in the industry. A hands on 13-week training plan blends the efficiency of seminar training, script development, and role-play, with live candidate and client-calling activities. Trainee Consultants interact with the training team, their line-managers, colleagues, candidates, and future clients from the very beginning. This multi-layered approach gives them the skills needed to move quickly towards practical competence. The managers are all part of the picture too and they bring in external experts to help give them the support they deserve. With these cutting-edge skills, their managers are able to give their teams the support and attention they need. The next generation of managers have their own ‘Future Team Leaders’ programme, where they learn the skills to mentor others, and by reverse coaching, improve their own performance. The Principal Trainer is an accredited NLP Master Practitioner and works with everyone, at all levels of the organisation. They believe it is critical to support all members of the team, on both a personal and commercial level, so they can perform at their very best. As an expert in communication and personal growth, he helps each individual to challenge and change their beliefs and limitations, at their own pace, creating their own solutions. They also use a performance facilitation model, which focuses on enabling individuals and empowering them to create their own results.

My Company
My Company
Evolution Recruitment genuinely believe that the most important asset of any organisation are its people and as a result have always endeavoured to make Evolution a great place to work. They believe that they have achieved this from the formal and informal feedback they have requested from employees over the years. However, by entering the Best Companies to work for process, they are benchmarking Evolution against the best companies in the country. They study the results of the survey in detail to address any weaknesses that are revealed, but also analyse and build on their strengths to make Evolution the best possible company to work for. They have found that the key to engaging employees is to make sure they know that their opinions matter, to implement their ideas and give them credit for it. It is also important that when people have ideas that cannot be implemented for whatever reason, that they acknowledge their idea and explain why they can't be implemented. They have found that this ensures that their employees are fully engaged.

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  • Charity Activities
    Charity Activities

    10% of staff undertake charitable activities during business hours

  • Childcare

    On-site nursery or vouchers

  • Dental Insurance
    Dental Insurance

    Dental insurance offer to all employees

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