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Just like Chuck, the FedEx man in the film Castaway, who is stranded on an island but still gets a package to its destination FedEx staff are determined to deliver.

'Service isn't just a word in our corporate philosophy, it is our reason for being and our service standard is 100%', the company says. Harry Potter fans, for example, were delighted when the firm joined up with the book website to deliver the long awaited fourth book in the series on its release day.

The FedEx corporate philosophy is 'people- service - profit', putting staff at the forefront of policies. With 148,000 employees serving 211 countries, the global couriers have a massive machine and their fleet of aircraft is the second largest in the world. The staff are offered free flights (after they have worked there for six months) and 75% discount on freight charges.

The firm, owned by FedEx Corp of Memphis, Tennessee, was founded in 1972 by Frederick Smith, the chairman and chief executive - known just like everyone else by his first name. In 1984 it expanded to Europe and Asia and now has offices all over the UK.

Last December, FedEx introduced a voluntary benefits package to attract staff, including gym subsidies, vehicle breakdown cover, a wine club and stress helpline.

Things are not quite so good for female staff; maternity pay and leave is set at the statutory minimum. However, the firm has an egalitarian feel with open door policies. One employee told us 'People care exceptionally friendly and care about each other. My group feels like a family with someone always around to listen and advise'.

FedEx has its own satellite television station with live events and employee phone ins. Training is good. Staff appear to be valued with awards of up to £70 for outstanding work and prizes for unselfish acts that help improve customer service.

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