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About First Response Finance Ltd

First Response Finance (FRF) are an award-winning vehicle finance company with offices in Nottingham, Leigh and Glasgow. The company employ almost 300 people in a range of roles, from sales to customer experience and account management.

Since 1998, FRF have offered their primary product - hire purchase for used cars, motorbikes or vans. They also offer personal loans to existing customers.

The core principles that underpin the company and the work of their staff are based on the following words: open and honest; winning attitude; customer driven; and team player.

The business is led by Chief Executive Officer Don Brough, who is keen to engage with all employees on a regular basis. In order to do this he holds regular 'pulse' meetings which allows him to hear first-hand how employees are feeling, what is impacting them and also what they enjoy.

What is it like to work for First Response Finance Ltd

FRF have an employee magazine which has a monthly 'Ask Don' feature, where employees are encouraged to put forward questions about anything and CEO Don will answer them. Questions range from his thoughts on the current economy to what he wants for Christmas.
Massages are available for all employees at FRF’s Leigh and Nottingham offices. These are provided to help relieve the stresses of life and ease tense muscles that may be the result of sitting at a desk for most of the day.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
The majority of employees received a 5% pay rise in June 2017. This increase in annual salary aims to assist them with more long-term goals such as higher pension contributions, help with mortgage applications and also day-to-day living.

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    Health Insurance

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