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DOING THE RIGHT thing comes easily to Freeths’ employees, especially if there is chocolate in it for them. When the law firm wanted to highlight the production of CO2 emissions, fairly traded chocolates were placed on the desk of anyone who switched off their PC before leaving the office. The number left on by the end of the week was 64% lower than at the start.

“Doing the right thing” is one of the company’s core values, and its green policies illustrate its commitment to hitting targets while fostering a supportive culture. What began as an attorneys’ practice in Georgian Nottingham has grown into a business with a national reach, a turnover nearing £70m and a 761-strong workforce. The firm adopted its current name in 2014.

The 11 offices use video conferencing for meetings, and the company’s cycle-to-work and public transport loan schemes attract healthy take-up figures. Staff believe its concern for the environment is genuine, giving a 78% positive score on this measure.

The wellbeing of the workforce is also taken seriously. There are lunchtime yoga and mindfulness sessions and — if those do not do the trick — on-site massages can be booked at a discount.

On top of annual staff bonuses, in 2015-16 all employees were given a £100 extra payment with the suggestion they should blow it on something frivolous such as shoes. Everyone also received cake and a posh pen when the Freeths chairman, Colin Flanagan, celebrated 25 years of working for the business.

The personal touch is appreciated. Staff are happy with their pay and benefits (72%) and also say they feel a sense of family (73%).


What is it like to work for Freeths LLP

Freeths Wellbeing Programme is based on the four pillars of Wellbeing; Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition and Stress prevention. By taking a holistic approach the company hope to effect small but real change in prioritisation of health and wellbeing at an individual level. Offering ongoing programmes and spontaneous one-off events encourages a sense of ownership in staff for their personal wellbeing. This year the programme included the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), a 100-day pedometer challenge for teams to compete and support one another to achieve a step count of 10,000 per day. In-house events such as yoga, mindfulness and nutrition seminars were provided, as well as free blood pressure and BMI testing. Freeths also offer subsidised gym membership to Virgin gyms and Cycle to Work to all staff. There is StepJockey signage in stairwells and by lifts to make staff aware of the benefits of stair walking to their health. A Fruit drop occurs regularly in all offices and is often tied into healthy eating events. Freeths have also gifted all staff a back massager and offer discounted monthly onsite massage services. The company even offer an EAP service for all staff, which includes the facility for six free sessions of confidential stress-related counselling.
Giving Something Back
Giving Something Back
Freeths’s national Charity for 2016/17 is Alzheimer’s Society, which was chosen by a vote of all staff. Through various events, including “Three Yorkshire Peaks”, Memory Walk, bake sales and dress-down days, the company have raised £20,000 so far, with the target of £30,000 by Summer 2017. Freeths also run Dementia Friends training and have so far trained 89 staff. They have a CSR pledge and so far 74 legal assistants, trainees and apprentices have each pledged 35 hours to CSR activities per year. In 2015/16 the company recorded 1500 hours but are aiming for 2500 hours in 2016-17. Examples of CSR pledge activities include, but are not limited to, attending careers events at local secondary schools to act as workplace role models and provide information about careers in law and also E-mentoring to Law or GDL students from a number of universities. As part of their Diversity Initiatives Freeths work with charitable organisations to improve social mobility within the legal sector and attract students from non-traditional backgrounds. In 2016 the company partnered with Access Aspiration to launch the Freeths Legal Scholarship Scheme. Candidates from non-traditional backgrounds are selected from schools with historically poor Ofsted ratings and are offered paid work experience, plus a bursary to help fund legal studies. As well as all this Freeths have participated in the Leonard Cheshire “Change100 programme”, which aims to change the employment landscape for talented disabled students by various means. The company support all aspects and therefore offered a paid Summer internship to a student with a hearing impairment in their Nottingham office in 2016. Freeths strive to consistently and objectively identify stand-out graduates, particularly from non-traditional backgrounds.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
Freeths believe taking a personal approach is the most effective means of rewarding employees for their efforts. This also means seeking out opportunities that are unexpected to thank or reward their employees. For example, as a reward for the Firm having an outstanding year in 2015/16, the Freeths Board recommended an exceptional payment of £100 to each staff member on top of the usual staff bonus. The Board explained that they anticipated this unexpected payment would be spent on something personal that was both frivolous and fun, such as a meal out or even a pair of shoes! This payment was extremely popular and appreciated, with a number of employees expressing their gratitude directly to the Chairman. Another example of an unexpected thank you was on the morning of the Chairman’s 25-year anniversary every member of staff received a thank you note from him with a slice of cake and a boxed pen. Freeths believe that it is this unique combination of surprise and celebration of everyone’s efforts that makes the firm successful.

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